Power Test, Inc. is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of dynamometers, heavy equipment testing systems and related data acquisition and control systems. For over 40 years, Power Test has provided specialized test equipment to manufacturers, rebuild facilities, and distributors in the mining, oil & gas, power generation, marine, trucking, construction, rail, and military markets in over 90 countries on six continents. Our headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Sussex, WI with sales representatives worldwide.

The Power Test team of innovative engineers, designers, software developers, and sales consultants will SOLVE YOUR CHALLENGES with logical solutions. Our skilled machinists, fabricators, electronic technicians, and assemblers build products to meet your unique needs. Our technical service experts are dedicated to working with you, anywhere and anytime. They travel the globe to ensure your equipment is running right and your staff is trained to operate it. Our exceptional product life and manufacturing expertise make us an industry-leading dynamometer manufacturer, as evidenced by our first machine sold, which remained operational for 42 years.

  • Water Brake

    PTX Complete Engine Dyno System

    The PTX engine dynamometer complete water brake system contains everything required to perform reliable engine […]

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  • 50X Series

    The 50X-Series water brake engine dynamometer is designed for testing electric motors, industrial gasoline, and […]

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  • 45X Series

    The 45X-Series Water Brake Engine Dyno is designed for testing on-highway, construction, mining, power generation, […]

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  • 35X Series

    The 35X-Series water brake engine dynamometers are designed for testing the majority of on and […]

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  • H36 Series

    The Power Test H36-Series water brake engine dynamometers are high torque, low speed diesel engine […]

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  • Heavy-Duty Transmission

    TD-2000 Regenerative Test Stand

    Testing Challenge: A large manufacturer of Power Transmission equipment required an upgrade to their outdated […]

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  • Cross-Drive Dynamometer X-2000

    Testing Challenge: Customer sought a single cross-drive dynamometer to test ANY cross-drive transmission found in […]

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  • Heavy Equipment Chassis Dynos

    EC Series

    Power Test’s EC-Series eddy current dynamometer uses air-cooled eddy current load absorbers providing a heavy […]

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  • Multi-Axle

    The Multi-Axle Chassis Dynamometer Series is perfect for testing military and non-standard vehicles. The Power […]

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  • CF42

    The CF42 large roll chassis dynamometer provides the ultimate in reliable and repeatable test equipment. […]

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  • CF21M

    Our patented CF21M motorized chassis dynamometer can perform a variety of tests on a single […]

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  • AC Series

    Fully Containerized AC Dynamometer System

    Power Test is proud to offer you our Fully Containerized Transportable (FCT) AC Dynamometer system. […]

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  • AC-LB Series

    Power Test AC-Load Bank (AC-LB) engine dynamometers provides a water-free testing solution for low-inertia applications. […]

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  • Customized Engine Dynamometers

    Customized Engine Dynamometers

    You know what your test equipment needs to do. Let the Power Test Custom Engineered Solutions […]

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  • Dynamometer Data Acquisition and Control Systems

    Basic Instrumentation – DPM Data System

    The DPM 401 Series Data System provides the operator with speed, torque, and power data, […]

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  • Transmission Data Acquisition – PowerNet TD

    Based on the popular PowerNet series of data acquisition and control systems, PowerNet TD is […]

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  • Engine Data Acquisition – PowerNet LT

    PowerNet LT is the complete monitoring and control package for dynamometers and engines. LT transforms […]

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  • Engine Dyno Accessories

    Quick Connect Drive Shaft Kits

    The Power Test Quick Connect Drive Shaft Kits allow for a faster drive shaft connection […]

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  • DC Power Supply

    The DC Power Supply replaces in-test-cell batteries, eliminating battery maintenance and safety issues due to its […]

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  • Transmission Accessories

    Mounting Kits and Adapters

    The PowerNet Mounting Kit provides a means to attach a PowerNet component mounting (Commander PC, monitor, […]

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  • Oil Preheat and Supply Cart

    The Power Test Oil Preheat and Supply Cart provides an “at the ready” 60 gallon […]

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  • Input Torque Sensor

    A precision Rotary Torque Transducer that pairs with the test stand. This allows for more precise […]

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  • Universal Housing Support

    AIDCO’s Universal Housing Support supports as well as secures and connects various pumps, motors, and […]

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  • Testing Technologies

    Driveline Testing Solutions

    What is Driveline Testing? Power Test has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation […]

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  • Hybrid Powertrain Test Solutions

    Vehicle operating efficiency has been a driving factor in mobile vehicle and equipment hybridization. Power […]

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  • Specialized Vehicle Test Solutions

    Power Test’s standard product line includes an extensive range of vehicle chassis dynamometers. Whether it […]

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  • Custom and Military Vehicle Transmission Test Stands

    Power Test’s AIDCO division specializes in the supply of vehicle transmission test rigs for the […]

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  • Containerized Dynamometer Systems

    Containerized Engine Dynamometer System

    Power Test is proud to offer you our Fully Containerized Transportable (FCT) Engine Dynamometer system. […]

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  • Example Projects

    Regenerative HD670 Test Stand

    Testing Challenge: The customer required a regenerative, transient dynamometer for research on diesel engines while […]

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  • Skid Steer Chassis Dyno

    Testing Challenge: The customer was looking for an automated end-of-line production test stand for their […]

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  • CTS-60

    Testing Challenge: The customer needed a flexible system that would allow no-load spin testing, but on multiple different […]

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  • AC-300HS

    Testing Challenge: A Research laboratory desired an engine dynamometer that could test high-speed UAV engines […]

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  • AC-200LT

    Testing Challenge: A customer required a flexible engine, generator & power pack regenerative dynamometer. The dynamometer had […]

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    Challenge: A large oil and gas customer was developing new technology for Down-Hole Directional Drilling […]

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  • EMTS

    X-Series Electric Motor Test Stand

    The X-Series EMTS Water Brake Dynamometers are used for power verification, vibration testing, quality assurance, […]

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  • High Horsepower Electric Motor Testing

    Power Test has developed a solution for accurate, while highly controllable, electric motor testing on […]

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