Design, Construction, and Installation (DCI)

Installation Advantage

A dynamometer is only part of your comprehensive test cell system. With our DCI services, we’ll help you get the most from your investment by ensuring your test cell performs exactly how it should. We’ll partner with you to learn your exact needs and we’ll work with you to get it right, because at Power Test, We Make It Better.

Inexperienced test cell design can lead to:

  • Inefficient equipment layout
  • Inadequate cooling and ventilation systems
  • Improper sound quieting and safety accommodations
  • Additional construction cost and rework

Our DCI team removes the hassle of a complex construction project:

  • We have decades of test cell experience
  • We’ll ensure your test cell design works as it should
  • You’ll have a single point of contact – making your job easier


A starting point for the installation of your Power Test equipment including the essential elements for high-quality testing.


An in-depth facility layout drawing set for more involved equipment installations and ongoing support requirements.


A comprehensive facility layout and end-to-end support from the Power Test DCI team for complex testing operations and custom considerations.


Essential Enhanced Full Detail
Custom Floorplan w/ Product Placement
Generic Inertia Pad & Sub Base Layout
Elevated Drawing of Power Test Equipment
Equipment Drawing w/ Connection and Termination Sizes
Water Circuit Flow Rates and Interconnect
Water Plumbing Interconnect; Line-to-Line Diagram
Exhaust & Ventilation Interconnect w/ Air Flow Requirements
Water Sump & Storage Reservoir w/ Tank Dimension & Design
Pneumatic & Fuel Interconnect; Line-to-Line Diagram
Electrical System Interconnect; Line-to-Line Diagram
Trench Fill Comprehensive Detail
Multi-Elevation Viewpoint Drawings
Comprehensive Detailed Drawing in Multi-Platform Formats
Start-to-Finish Support & Service