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Basic Instrumentation – DPM Data System

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The DPM 401 Series Data System provides the operator with speed, torque, and power data, using a touch-screen display.

Power Test DPM 401 Series Data Display comes with our PowerNet DPM data acquisition software (computer not included), and allows the operator to record and display peak speed, torque and power info with an easy-to-use interface.

  • Displays speed and torque as well as power.
  • The universal power input of 100-240 VAC and
    50-60HZ into the power supply.
  • Factory calibrated (when purchased as a system)
  • USB and Ethernet port options for data acqusition
  • Will use a 0-10V output signal for load control
  • Includes PowerNet DPM DataLogger software
  • Standard engine throttle output signal utilizes many Power Test adapters
  • Connects to standard strain gauge load cell and speed pickup
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