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Dynamometers for the Marine Industry

Out on the water, your engines and systems must perform and Power Test Marine Dynamometers are here to guarantee that they do. For propulsion, electricity and more, every engine must be able to deliver. Every hydraulic component must perform flawlessly. Power Test engine dynos will validate a new engine is up to factory specs before your vessel ever touches the water.  We can guarantee that a remanufactured or repaired engine is running like new saving you from costly setbacks. Our AIDCO test stands will tell you if a hydraulic component is functioning properly, ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle is operating at peak efficiency. On both commercial and pleasure crafts, count on Power Test to help keep your systems running at their best.

  • Water Brake

    45X Series

    The 45X-Series Water Brake Engine Dyno is designed for testing on-highway, construction, mining, power generation, […]

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