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PTX Complete Engine Dyno System

Water Brake Dynamometer

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The PTX engine dynamometer complete water brake system contains everything required to perform reliable engine certification testing for on-highway, military, and construction applications. Each system delivers you the best overall value on your investment and is ready to go to work on a wide range of equipment. At the heart of each system is a Power Test 50X-Series complete water brake engine dynamometer, known throughout the industry for long-term proven reliability and value. Supplied with engine mounting, connection, and cooling accessories, this comprehensive dyno system will make your testing easy.

  • Available in 500 (50×01) and 1000 (50×02) horsepower configurations
  • Speeds up to 6,000 RPM
  • Up to 3,500 ft.-lbs. of torque
  • Pre-configured with the correct complement of accessories and PowerNet LT data acquisition and control
  • Provide equal, bi-directional loading capabilities
  • Through-shaft design allows either end of the dynamometer to be driven and for dyno mounted starting systems to be used.
  • Easily accessible seals and bearings allow for simple technical service without the need for dynamometer removal or specialty tools.
  • Engine cart provides a rapid and efficient method of engine placement removing the need for screw jacks and load binders.
  • The ability to test a wide range of engine displacements on the same dynamometer.
  • Through-shaft design allows either end of the dynamometer to be driven and to accept additional dynamometers in tandem plus a variety of accessories including starting systems.
  • Equal absorption capabilities in either direction of rotation.
Max Horsepower

500-1000 HP


0-6,000 RPM


3,560 ft-lbs

  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • On-highway
  • Military
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Product Specifications

Model Power Torque Speed
50X01 500 HP
(373 kW)
1,780 ft-lbs
(2413 Nm)
6,000 RPM
50X02 1,000 HP
(746 kW)
3,560 ft-lbs
(4827 Nm)
6,000 RPM