• Flat Deck

    This innovative, flush-mounted eddy current chassis dyno eliminates trip hazards and provides an optimized testing environment.

    Eddy Current Cost Savings Our Eddy Current Flat Deck Chassis Dynos offer an easy to […]

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  • EC Series

    The Eddy Current Chassis Dynamometer provides an alternative to the cost and hassle of water brake chassis dynos.

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  • Multi-Axle

    Chassis Dyno test solutions for military and non-standard vehicles.

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  • CF42

    The CF42 large roll chassis dynamometer provides the ultimate in reliable and repeatable test equipment. […]

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  • CF21M

    Our patented CF21M motorized chassis dynamometer can perform a variety of tests on a single […]

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Power Test manufactures single, tandem, and multi-axle chassis dynamometers built around either an eddy current absorber or the legendary performance and durability of our water brake dynamometers.

Available in both 20″ and 40″ diameter fixed and adjustable roll sets, all of our chassis dynamometers feature heavy-duty frames and precision balanced roll sets.

For complete power train diagnostics, Power Test exclusively offers our patented motorized chassis dynamometer. Now engine, transmission, drive train, retarder and brake testing, as well as alignment verification, can all be performed on a single machine.

PowerNet CD chassis dynamometer software is specifically designed for Power Test chassis dynamometers. The system includes a hand held touch-screen device that gives the operator full control of the dynamometer without leaving the driver’s seat, which enables single technician testing.

Power Test can also custom build a chassis dynamometer to your specific needs. Options include multi-axle systems and different absorption systems. We also offer a full line of dynamometer test accessories and test cell components to complete your chassis dyno system.