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Electronic Shift Console – ESC

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The ESC-Electronic Shift Console is the latest development for controlling transmissions when used in conjunction with a transmission test stand.

Now Allison Generation 4 1000/2000 series, 3000/4000 series, WTEC II/III HD, WTEC II/III MD and pre-Generation 4 1000/2000/2400 series transmissions can all be controlled from one unit. This virtually eliminates the need for multiple carts and expensive hardware. Shift consoles for other manufacturers are available as well.

When used with a computerized dynamometer control program (PowerNet TD) or with the Allison DOC program, the ESC provides plenty of room for your notebook PC or flat screen monitor. Additionally, an optional gauge panel is available for precise measurement of clutch, main, and governor pressures.

Top-panel mounted diagnostic plugs simplify reprogramming of the corresponding TCM/ECU (if provided) and allow for quick diagnosis when troubleshooting the transmission during a test. A convenient main harness connects the console to the transmission.

  • Durable, portable, self-contained industrial grade cabinet
  • Designed for use with any transmission test stand or dynamometer
  • System is supplied with one TCM/ECU for WTEC II/III and Generation 4 3000/4000 (pre-programmed, if requested)
  • 1000/2000 shifting is not TCM based
  • Top mounted diagnostic plugs
  • Convenient quick disconnects for fast changeover
  • Easily upgradable to accommodate for future testing needs


  • Additional TCMs supplied to customer’s specifications
  • Pressure gauge panel with up to eight industrial grade gauges
  • Available without TCMs
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