45X Series

Horse Power: 2,500-5,000 HP

RPM: 0-4,000 RPM

Torque: 15,000 ft-lbs

The 45X-Series – Water Brake Engine dynamometer is designed for testing on-highway, construction, mining, power generation, and marine diesel applications. It has test capacities from 100-4500 HP, with operating speeds to 4000 RPM. Due to its high absorption and speed capabilities, the 45X Series allows for a wide range of engines to be tested. In addition, the 45X-Series may be used in tandem applications for increased testing capabilities.


  • Inlet control allows for low minimum horsepower.
  • Low minimum loading characteristics.
  • Positive lip absorber seals.
  • Removable bearing and seal housings to facilitate field servicing without the need for disassembly of the absorber.


  • The ability to test a wide range of engine displacements on the same dynamometer.
  • Through-shaft design allows either end of the dynamometer to be driven and to accept additional dynamometers in tandem plus a variety of accessories including starting systems.
  • Equal absorption capabilities in either direction of rotation.


Model Power Torque Speed
45X06 2,700 HP
(2014 kW)
9,622 ft-lbs
(13046 Nm)
4,000 RPM
45X07 3,150 HP
(2349 kW)
11,226 ft-lbs
(15220 Nm)
4,000 RPM
45X08 3,600 HP
(2684 kW)
12,830 ft-lbs
(17395 Nm)
4,000 RPM
45X09 4,050 HP
(3021 kW)
13,890 ft-lbs
(18832 Nm)
4,000 RPM
45X10 4,500 HP
(3344 kW)
15,000 ft-lbs
(20337 Nm)
4,000 RPM