850 Series

Transmission and Hydraulic Component Test Stand

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AIDCO Test Systems Model 850 Hydraulic Test Center is a versatile test stand designed for testing heavy-duty off-highway power shift and automatic transmissions. In addition to transmission testing, the AIDCO Model 850 is capable of testing various hydraulic system components. It is capable of detecting shift points and mechanical binding, identifying vibrations, diagnosing and locating leaks, and measuring pressure and flow, clutch leakage and output torque. The AIDCO Model 850 Hydraulic Test Center is one of the most comprehensive hydraulic testing tools on the market.
It’s also available as the 850M (Military Series) with dual-current load absorption units for cross-drive testing capabilities.

  • A closed-loop hydrostatic drive system
  • Inputs rotary power to the component being tested.
  • 200 or 300 HP options available.
  • Hydraulic drive motor power lift facilitates
  • Vertical maneuvering to align the drive shaft with the component under test
  • Drive speed is controlled from a single potentiometer for simplified operator control.
  • Provides closed loop speed, flow, and load control to the component under test.
  • Twelve pressure taps in conjunction with liquid-filled pressure gauges monitor pressures within the component under test
Testing Capabilities
  • Heavy-duty
  • On-highway
  • Off-highway
  • Cross-drive
  • Inline automatic transmissions
  • Gear Pumps
  • Vane Pumps
  • Hydrostatic Pumps
  • Motors
  • Cylinders
  • Valves
Parameters Measured

Automatic Transmissions and Torque Converters

  • Check and set shift points (automatic)
  • Full and closed throttle upshift and downshift test (loaded or unloaded)
  • Downshift inhibitor test
  • Measure output torque
  • Locate shaft seal leaks
  • Identify clutch leakage
  • Check noise/vibration
  • Detect mechanical binding
  • Check main, clutch, lube and converter pressure
  • Monitor converter flow and temperature

Hydraulic Components

  • Flow & pressure
  • Torque requirements
  • Case leakage
  • Noise & vibration


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Product Specifications

Electric Electric Motor Selections (other voltage options available on request) Test centers utilize a wye-delta starting method to reduced motor startup voltage. A soft-start option is also available. NOTE: Main Power Disconnect (provided by others) must use time-delay slow-blow fuses or a breaker with an adjustable over-current setting. 850-200 200HP (150 kW) 460V/60 Hz – 350 Amps
165HP (125 kW) 380V/50 Hz – 350 Amps
850-300 300HP (225 kW) 460V/60 Hz – 500 Amps
250HP (185 kW) 380V/50 Hz – 500 Amps
Hydrostatic Drive System Direction CCW & CW
Max Speed 4,000 RPM
Max Torque 777 Lb-ft (1,053 N-m)
Max Torque Speed Range 850-200 0-1,422 RPM
850-300 0-1,922 RPM
Max Pressure 6,000 PSI (41,269 kPa)
Pump Displacement 850-200 130cc
850-300 180cc
Motor Displacement 160cc


Diagnostic Flow Loops Loadable 150 GPM 0-150 GPM (0-568 L/min), 0-6000 PSI (41,369 kPa) flow loop with manual load valve and 6,000 PSI (41,369 kPa) guage for monitoring pressure.
60 GPM 0-60 GPM (0-227 L/min), 0-6000 PSI (41,369 kPa) flow loop with manual load valve and 6,000 PSI (41,369 kPa) guage for monitoring pressure.
Non-loadable 60 GPM 0-60 GPM (0-227 L/min), 0-2500 PSI (17,237 kPa) flow loop and a 3,000 PSI (20,684 kPa) guage for monitoring pressure.


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