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Transmission and Hydraulic Component Test Stand

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The 900C Hydraulic Test Center is a versatile test-stand offers some of the most advanced technology on the market today for testing heavy-duty off-highway hydraulic components. Designed for complete pump, motor, and hydrostatic transmission/hydraulic testing, and designed to align with OEM testing procedures, the 900C is much more than a standard transmission and hydraulic test bench.

The 900C provides a durable and reliable platform for performance testing transmissions, torque converters, gear pumps, vane pumps, hydrostatic pumps, hydraulic motors, cylinders, and valves – reducing operating costs, rebuild errors, and field failures. Equipment dealers can realize more profitable maintenance contracts and increased customer satisfaction by utilizing performance testing.

Additionally, the 900C features an independent closed loop hydrostatic drive for a contamination-free drive system and industrial grade glycerin filled pressure gauges. It is capable of detecting shift points and mechanical binding, identifying vibrations, diagnosing and locating leaks, measuring pressure and flow, clutch leakage, and output torque (optional). The 900C Hydraulic Test Center is one of the most comprehensive hydraulic testing tools on the market.

Data Acquisition & Control System

The PowerNet TD data acquisition and control system is a comprehensive, easy to use control system used to monitor and record speeds, pressures, temperatures, flow rates, and shift events. Designed for ease of use, PowerNet TD allows for easy configuration of instrumentation, operator designated warnings for high/low limit and operator customized full-feature data reports.

Fully Automated Solution

The 900C-FA fully automated model ensures consistent and repeatable results, and saves time with each component test. The 900C-FA specified settings saves time with each component test allowing for a one and done approach. It is capable of controlling every set point of every flow loop and allows for full manual control on panel.

Fully Containerized Transportable Solution

The Fully Contained Transportable 900C-FA-FCT comes ready to use in its own shipping containers that double as the testing facility. Customers benefit from the testing capabilities of the standard 900C-FA while avoiding the heavy costs associated with a permanent testing facility.



The 900C functionality offers the following features:
  • 300/400/450 hp electric motor upgrades available
  • On-site training and commissioning
  • Interior soundproofing
  • Power lift assembly facilitates easy maneuvering of the hydraulic drive motor/drive shaft for alignment with the test component
  • Safety and Maintenance Features:
    • Rear door access and ample interior lighting for added visibility and safety during maintenance
    • Roof access to filters for easy maintenance
    • Remote / secondary monitor mount

900C-FA (Fully Automated) / 900C-FA-FCT (Fully Containerized Transportable)

The 900C-FA / 900C-FA-FCT functionality offers the following features:
  • 300/400/450 hp electric motor upgrades available
  • On-site training and commissioning
  • Independent closed loop hydrostatic drive eliminates contamination risk
  • Power lift assembly facilitates easy maneuvering of the hydraulic drive motor/drive shaft for alignment with the test component
  • Mounted Flat Panel Monitors
    • Enhanced large display visibility with easy to read dashboards
    • Utilize OEM communication tools on secondary screen
    • Reduced panel complexity by displaying only relevant measurements
    • Convenient keyboard and mouse location directly below display panels
  • Safety and Maintenance
    • Automated shutdown protocols with computer-controlled pressure reliefs
    • Safety set points remain active in both auto and manual operation modes
    • Enables remote operation and optimizes employee safety
    • Easy-swing filter change design
Parameters Measured

Tranmissions and Torque Converters

  • Check and set shift points (automatic)
  • Full and closed throttle upshift and downshift test (loaded or unloaded)
  • Downshift inhibitor test
  • Measure output torque
  • Locate shaft seal leaks
  • Identify clutch leakage
  • Check noise/vibration
  • Detect mechanical binding
  • Check main, clutch, lube and converter pressure
  • Monitor converter flow and temperature

Hydraulic Components

  • Flow & pressure
  • Torque requirements
  • Case leakage
  • Noise & vibration
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Product Specifications

Electric  Electric Motor Selections (other voltage options available on request) Test centers utilize a wye-delta starting method to reduced motor startup voltage. A soft-start option is also available. NOTE: Main Power Disconnect (provided by others) must use time-delay slow-blow fuses or a breaker with an adjustable over-current setting. 900C-300 300HP (223 kW) 460V/60 Hz – 500 Amps
250HP (187 kW) 380V/50 Hz – 500 Amps
900C-400 400HP (298 kW) 460V/60 Hz – 600 Amps
330HP (246 kW) 380V/50 Hz – 600 Amps
900C-450 450HP (335 kW) 460V/60 Hz – 700 Amps
370HP (276 kW) 380V/50 Hz – 700 Amps


Hydrostatic Drive System Direction CCW & CW
Max Speed 3,200 RPM
Max Torque 1,232 Lb-ft (1,670 N-m)
Max Torque Speed Range 900C-300 0-1,270 RPM
900C-400 / 900C-450 0-1,760 RPM
Max Pressure 6,090 PSI (41,989 kPa)
Pump Displacement 900C-300 180cc
900C-400 / 900C-450 250cc
Motor Displacement 250cc