• Heavy-Duty Transmission

    TD-2000 Regenerative Test Stand

    Testing Challenge: A large manufacturer of Power Transmission equipment required an upgrade to their outdated […]

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  • TD-5000 Regenerative Test Stand

    A major Power Transmisison equipment supplier needed a high torque testing solution.

    Testing Challenge: Major Power Transmission equipment supplier needed a high torque universal testing solution designed […]

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  • Cross-Drive Dynamometer X-2000

    Testing Challenge: Customer sought a single cross-drive dynamometer to test ANY cross-drive transmission found in […]

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  • AC Series

    Fully Containerized AC Dynamometer System

    A portable test cell complete with AC Regenerative breaking technology.

    Power Test is proud to offer you our Fully Containerized Transportable (FCT) AC Dynamometer system. […]

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  • Testing Technologies

    Regenerative AC Engine Tests

    The design and creation of Engine Test dynamometers for large engines is Power Test Inc’s […]

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  • Driveline Testing Solutions

    What is Driveline Testing? Power Test has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation […]

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  • Hybrid Powertrain Test Solutions

    Vehicle operating efficiency has been a driving factor in mobile vehicle and equipment hybridization. Power […]

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  • Specialized Vehicle Test Solutions

    Power Test’s standard product line includes an extensive range of vehicle chassis dynamometers. Whether it […]

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  • Custom Turnkey Engine Test Facilities

    Power Test’s CES division frequently looks for solutions for Turnkey installations for engine testing.  The CES team has […]

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  • Custom and Military Vehicle Transmission Test Stands

    Power Test’s AIDCO division specializes in the supply of vehicle transmission test rigs for the […]

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  • Example Projects

    Regenerative HD670 Test Stand

    Testing Challenge: The customer required a regenerative, transient dynamometer for research on diesel engines while […]

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  • Power Pack Test Stand

    Testing Challenge: The customer required a test system for heavy-duty military diesel engines as well as cross drive […]

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  • HTS-200 (Hydraulic Pump/Motor Production Test Stand)

    Testing Challenge: Customer sought a solution to test a wide range of hydraulic motors without […]

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  • Skid Steer Chassis Dyno

    Testing Challenge: The customer was looking for an automated end-of-line production test stand for their […]

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  • CTS-60

    Testing Challenge: The customer needed a flexible system that would allow no-load spin testing, but on multiple different […]

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  • AC-300HS

    Testing Challenge: A Research laboratory desired an engine dynamometer that could test high-speed UAV engines […]

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  • AC-200LT

    Testing Challenge: A customer required a flexible engine, generator & power pack regenerative dynamometer. The dynamometer had […]

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    Challenge: A large oil and gas customer was developing new technology for Down-Hole Directional Drilling […]

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