SuperFlow® is a global leader in specialized test and remanufacturing equipment for vehicle drivelines in performance racing applications. Since it’s creation in 1972, SuperFlow® products have been relied upon being performance engine builders, remanufacturers, the United States Military (and Allies) worldwide, tech schools, race teams, speed shops, universities, and the leading automotive manufacturers in the world. Commitment to top-notch products and service at immense value has given SuperFlow® the opportunity to work with the most recognizable companies in the automotive industry.

Stuska Dynamometer

Stuska Dynamometer has been designing and manufacturing water brake dynamometers for more than 50 years.  Combining the proven durability of the legendary Stuska absorber with cutting-edge technology like our Automatic Load Control System, Stuska is destined to have the competition seeing red.

From basic test stands to our popular TrackMaster systems, we are certain to have an engine dyno that fits your testing needs.  Looking for data acquisition and dynamometer accessories?  We have you covered.

With complete in-house design, software, electronics, and manufacturing, we are proud to offer the most affordable turn-key systems in the industry.

The Need for Speed

Whether it’s performance racing, circle track, road racing or go-karts, winning a race requires a top performing engine. Developing and perfecting performance engines requires accurate, reliable measurements that are easy to compare and interpret. For nearly five decades, Stuska has been the dynamometer trusted by engine builders in the heat of competition.

  • Torque Converter Rebuild Systems

    TCRS Single Gun Torque Converter Welder

    The TCRS Single Gun Torque Converter Welder features a 74 series wire feeder, and a […]

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  • TCRS Dual Gun Torque Converter Welder

    At the core of the high-production torque converter system is the TCRS Auto Weld Aligners. […]

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  • TCRS Torque Converter Balancer

    The TCRS Torque Converter Balancer is capable of providing repeatable, as well as extremely accurate […]

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  • TCRS Piston Bonder

    The only torque converter rebuild product that accommodates the increasingly large pistons and front covers […]

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  • TCRS Air Test Stand

    The TCRS Air Test Stand locates leaks in seconds. It pressurizes the converter with air […]

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  • TCRS Conveyor Parts Washer

    This conveyor parts washer is a fast, while surprisingly economical solution for parts cleaning and degreasing […]

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  • TCRS Hub Run Out Tester

    A bad run out can ruin your torque converter rebuild while potentially ruining your reputation. […]

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  • TCRS End Play Gauge

    The End Play Gauge allows you to check converters before you re-install them in the […]

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  • Performance Engine Dyno

    SF-902S Engine Dynamometer

    The SF-902S Performance Engine Dyno from SuperFlow is rated for 15,000 RPM and is capable […]

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  • SF Eddy Current Engine Dynamometer

    In addition to our standard, water brake performance engine dynamometers, SuperFlow also offers a wide […]

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  • SF-Powermark Engine Dynamometer

    The SF-Powermark engine dynamometer showcases a rugged, durable power absorption unit and a 2″ diameter […]

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  • SF-Black Widow Engine Dynamometer

    The SF-Black Widow by SuperFlow is the breakthrough performance engine dyno you’ve been waiting for. […]

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  • TrackMaster

    The heart of the TrackMaster performance engine dyno system is the proven Stuska water brake dynamometer. […]

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  • TrackMonster 3000

    Prove it with the TrackMONSTER3000, StuskaDyno’s first 3000HP Performance Engine Dynamometer. We’ve listened to our […]

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  • Performance Chassis Dynos

    SF-880E AWD Chassis Dynamometer

    The SF-880E All-Wheel Drive Chassis Dyno is for serious performance tuners who want unmatched quality, capacity […]

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  • SF-832 AWD Chassis Dynamometer

    The SF-832-AWD is an entry level all-wheel drive dyno packed with features usually only found […]

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  • SF-849 Chassis Dynamometer

    The SF-849 Chassis Dyno is the highest capacity two-wheel drive dynamometer available because of three […]

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  • SF-832 Chassis Dynamometer

    The Superflow SF-832 Chassis Dynamometer is known as one of the most versatile chassis dynamometers in […]

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  • SF-250A CycleDyn Chassis Dynamometer

    The SuperFlow CycleDyn chassis dynamometer is used by educational research facilities, motorcycle dealerships, and professional […]

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  • Dynamometer Data Acquisition and Control Systems

    SF-901 WinDyn Data Acquisition System

    Ever sense its release date in 1982, The SF-901 engine dynamometer has been a workhorse in engine testing. […]

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  • Dyno Accessories

    QuikStik LC

    Stuska introduces the QuikStik LC Control Throttle and Automatic Load Control as part of the […]

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  • SuperFlow Accessories

    4 Post Hoist

    SuperFlow® offers several different 4-post hoists to fit any needs and budget. Models are available […]

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  • Flowbench

    SF-260 Flowbench

    The SF-260 digital flowbench flows 260 cfm @ 10″ of water. It comes standard with Flowcom digital […]

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  • SF-750 Flowbench

    The SF-750 Flowbench by SuperFlow is the industry standard for digital flow testing with an […]

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  • SF-1020 Probench

    The SF-1020 flowbench measures and records air flow at OEM engineering accuracy faster than any […]

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  • Valve Body Tester

    Axiline VBT 8000 Valve Body Tester

    The Axiline VBT 8000 by Power Test is the valve body tester standard for the […]

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