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Hybrid Powertrain Test Solutions

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Vehicle operating efficiency has been a driving factor in mobile vehicle and equipment hybridization. Power Test has installed numerous Hybrid Powertrain test solutions for various hybrid designs. Similarly, each design focuses on complete powertrain functionality to simulate real-world conditions.  Tests may include full vehicle inertial simulations or even regenerative braking or deceleration. These tests could result in vehicle acceleration readings, as well as inertial and driven power duplicated on the test stand.

With PTI’s hybrid chassis dyno design, a modeled simulation of a given fleet route can be replayed to confirm that a specific hybrid vehicle is right for a given application. When applicable, it may also estimate efficiency and fuel cost savings.  For electrified powertrains, Power Test has supplied the prime mover to emulate the hybrid power source (engine or driving motor), absorber(s) to emulate the loads and regenerative battery simulators to work the electrified vehicle power generation system and test control functionality.

Depending on customer’s requirements, PTI can supply individual test components through a turnkey powertrain test rig.

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