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AC-LB Series

AC Series

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Power Test AC-Load Bank (AC-LB) engine dynamometers provides a water-free testing solution for low-inertia applications. Featuring an AC load bank and generator combination, the AC-LB delivers high-absorption capabilities in a complete system that doesn’t require permanent installation. By utilizing a load bank to apply a load to the engine, and dissipating the the load as heat, the AC-LB avoids the requirement of a permanently installed water re-circulation and cooling system. The load bank is housed outdoors where the heat can freely dissipate without inhibiting testing or other day to day operations.
Additionally, the AC-LB is designed with a mounted torsional coupling that absorbs torque spikes from the engine eliminating potential damage to the driveshaft and dynamometer. This also adds to the operators ability to change speeds through the RPM range of the engine and dynamometer.

  • Low-inertia and high-absorption characteristics in a highly responsive package
  • The system includes load bank, generator, sub-base, and a self-aligning engine docking cart with adapters
  • This low maintenance system eliminates the need for an expensive water recirculation system
  • Dynamometer can be easily relocated as there is no permanent installation required
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Product Specifications

Description Continuous Power
Absorption HP (kW)
Maximum Speed (RPM)
ACLB-500 500 (373) 2,600
ACLB-750 750 (559) 2,600
ACLB-1000 1,000 (746) 2,600
ACLB-1500 1,500 (1118) 2,600