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Containerized Engine Dynamometer System

Portable Test Cell

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Power Test is proud to offer you our Fully Containerized Transportable (FCT) Engine Dynamometer system. All you have to do is add fuel and water and begin your testing. Your FCT dynamometer system comes ready to use in its own shipping containers that double as your testing facility. This allows you to benefit from the testing capabilities of a Power Test engine dynamometer, whether you’re in a remote location, or you simply want to avoid the costs associated with a permanent testing facility. The dynamometer, sub base, data acquisition, and control equipment and a generator set are all standard equipment. With the addition of a water storage tank, extended periods of testing can be achieved.

  • Power Test Dynamometer and Sub Base/Holding Tank
  • PowerNet LT Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Filtered Test Cell and Engine Air Intake Systems
  • Engine Exhaust Silencer
  • 12/24 Power Supply for Winch and Starting Systems
  • UPS Battery Back-up System
  • Fuel Storage Tank and Pump
  • 6,000lb Universal Engine Cart and Winch System
  • Engine Cooling Column
  • Observation Booth
  • Windows-based PC equipped with PowerNet LT Software
  • Optional Heating/Cooling Systems
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