500E Series

Transmission Service Evaluation Center

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New from AIDCO, the 500E test stand is designed to meet your needs for testing medium and heavy-duty transmissions and torque converters for off-highway and other commercial vehicles.
The Model 500E accommodates in-line or dropbox model transmissions mounted in a direct remote or mid-ship configuration, with or without integrated torque converters. This compact unit is designed and built to AIDCO Test System’s high standards to give you years of reliable performance verification and quality assurance testing of automatic and powershift transmissions.

  • Predesigned to accept many options
  • Variable speed, high-efficiency AC motor
  • Drive motor options to fit your needs
  • Available voltage to match local services
  • Drive load sensing
  • 10 pressure taps
  • Direct or remote –mount SAE bell housing
  • Modulator control
  • Designed to accommodate remotely mounted transmissions using optional transmission mounting kits.
  • An optional Eddy Load Unit may be connected to a transmissions output to apply a load.
  • PowerNet Data Acquisition and Control System options are available for automated control and reporting.
  • Modulate control simulates “full” or “closed” throttle conditions.
Testing Capabilities
  • Heavy-duty, on-highway, inline transmissions
  • Heavy-duty, off-highway, inline transmissions
  • Heavy-duty, off-highway, dropbox transmissions
  • Dana, Clarke, etc.
Parameters Measured
  • Check and set shift points (automatic)
  • Full and closed throttle up-shift and downshift test (loaded or unloaded)
  • Downshift inhibitor test
  • Measure output torque
  • Locate shaft seal leaks
  • Identify clutch leakage
  • Check noise/vibration
  • Detect mechanical binding
  • Check main, clutch, lube and converter pressure
  • Monitor converter flow and temperature
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Product Specifications

Description Specifications
Electric Motor (Prime Mover) Selections (other voltage options available on request) *Machine FLA with all configuration options 500E-100 100HP (75 kW) 380V – *203 FLA
100HP (75 kW) 460V – *170 FLA
500E-200 200HP (149 kW) 380V – *318 FLA
200HP (149 kW) 460V – *286 FLA
500E-300 300HP (224 kW) 380V – *435 FLA
300HP (224 kW) 460V – *407 FLA
Max. Transmission Imput Torque (continuous) 500E-100 294 Lb-ft. (399 N-m) up to 1,785 RPM
500E-200 588 Lb-ft. (789 N-m) up to 1,785 RPM
500E-300 883 Lb-ft. (1,197 N-m) up to 1,785 RPM
Bell Housing (choose one) SAE 1, SAE 0, or SAE 00
Max Speed 4,000 RPM (bi-directional)