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Custom and Military Vehicle Transmission Test Stands

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Power Test’s AIDCO division specializes in the supply of vehicle transmission test rigs for the Re-Manufacturing industry. Medium to heavy-duty inline transmissions call for the Model 450E. The Model 500 and 550E are options as well, however they are primarily designed for off-highway drop-box transmissions.  Because mining is a unique industry, we offer the 850 and 900 which are excellent hydrostatic testers. While the standard machines are popular, Power Test’s CES division can make any custom transmission test system outside the standard product range. Whether its Material Handling vehicle Power transmissions, or Automotive, or Oil Hydraulic Fracturing rigs or Marine gear systems, Power Test has provided solutions.

We also provide Custom transmission test stands for Military Cross-Drive transmissions. These will test to the NMWR, DMWR or any OEM test standard.  With fleet modernization and repowering Power Test keeps up with all the latest military test requirements. Shifting, Steering and braking actuation systems available upon request to automatically or manually test all functions of a given transmission.

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