Industry: Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Equipment Testing

Remote Locations, Big Demands

Oil and gas equipment testing is one of the least acknowledged, but most vital elements of efficient, profitable operations. From fracking to off-shore oil rigs, engines and power transmission equipment plays a critical role in making the operation work, often in rugged and desolate conditions. The equipment takes a beating but has to perform and last. Downtime in operation not only results in significant opportunity cost, but repairs can be significantly more expensive than preventative measures. Identifying and correcting issues prior to equipment installation is the efficient solution to equipment maintenance.

Power Test engine dynamometers will verify your engine overhaul or repairs were done right before you put the unit back in service. Our line of oil and gas equipment testing products address a wide range of applications and data acquisition systems provide documentation that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Our AIDCO test stands can ensure the pumps, gearboxes, transmissions and other hydraulic components are fully operational.  Power Test is the industry leader in dynamometer testing applications and our team of expert engineers provides solutions in even the most challenging of circumstances.

Make sure your equipment is ready for the tough conditions it will face. At Power Test, We Make Your Testing Easy.