550E Series

Transmission Service Evaluation Center

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The AIDCO 550E-Series is our top of the line, dedicated, transmission test stand.  It’s a comprehensive test system with everything needed for testing automatic or power shift direct and remote mounted transmissions and torque converters used in commercial or off-highway applications. Based on the proven performance and reliability of our popular Model 450E transmission test stand, this quiet, compact test system keeps vehicle downtime to a minimum by greatly reducing critical failures on the road or in the field. In most cases, performance verification testing on this machine will eliminate the cost of additional dis-assembly and repair for rebuilt or serviced components.

  • Equipped with 30 HP, 0-60 GPM (0-227 L/min) VFD Controlled, 600 PSI (41 Bar) pressurized main oil supply circuit.
  • Includes three (3) 5-100 GPM (18-379 L/min) non-loadable diagnostic flow loops.
  • Includes 5-100 GPM (18-379 L/min) filtered converter flow loop with a flow meter, digital display, manual control for differential pressure adjust (backpressure) and digital temp. controlled heat exchanger.
  • PowerNet TD data acquisition and control package.
  • Includes sixteen pressure taps for monitoring pressures within the unit under test.
  • Designed to accommodate directly mounted transmissions using optional SAE Bell Housing Adapter Kit. Various interchangeable bell housing sizes can be ordered to suit your needs.
  • Designed to accommodate remotely mounted transmissions using optional transmission drive, adapter, and worktable extension kits.
Testing Capabilities
  • Heavy-duty
  • On-highway
  • Off-highway
  • Inline transmissions
  • Dropbox transmissions
Parameters Measured
  • Check and set shift points (automatic)
  • Full and closed throttle upshift and downshift test (loaded or unloaded)
  • Downshift inhibitor test
  • Measure output torque
  • Locate shaft seal leaks
  • Identify clutch leakage
  • Check noise/vibration
  • Detect mechanical binding
  • Check main, clutch, lube and converter pressure
  • Monitor converter flow and temperature
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Product Specifications

Description Specifications
Electric Motor (Prime Mover) Selections (other voltage options available on request) NOTE: Main Power Disconnect (provided by others) must use time-delay slow-blow fuses or a breaker with an adjustable over-current setting. 550E-150 125HP (93 kW) 380V/50 Hz – 300 Amps
150HP (112 kW) 460V/60 Hz – 300 Amps
550E-200 165HP (125 kW) 380V/50 Hz – 350 Amps
200HP (147 kW) 460V/60 Hz – 350 Amps
550E-300 250HP (185 kW) 380V/50 Hz – 450 Amps
300HP (224 kW) 460V/60 Hz – 450 Amps
Max. Transmission Input Torque (continuous) 550E-150 442 Lb-ft. (610 N-m) up to 1,785 RPM
550E-200 588 Lb-ft. (811) N-m) up to 1,785 RPM
550E-300 883 Lb-ft. (1,216 N-m) up to 1,785 RPM
Max Speed 3,600 RPM (bi-directional)


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