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Transmission Data Acquisition – PowerNet TD

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PowerNet TD is designed to provide a comprehensive, easy to use data acquisition and control system. PowerNet TD utilizes a Windows-based computerized data acquisition system to monitor and record speeds, torque, pressures, temperatures, flow rates and shift events.

In addition to advanced monitoring and recording, PowerNet TD enables users to run an automated test procedure for electronically controlled transmissions. This not only ensures consistent repeatability of test procedures, but provides a record of performance parameters exhibited during a test.

Designed for ease of use, PowerNet TD allows for easy configuration of instrumentation, operator designated warnings for high/low limit and operator customized full-feature data reports. All reports are generated in a standardized Portable Document Format (PDF).


Equipped to monitor and record:

  • Speeds
  • Torque
  • Pressures
  • Temperatures
  • Flow Rates
  • Shift Events


  • Mobile computer cart – simplifies interface and storage of computer and data acquisition units
  • Additional pressure and temperature sensors
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Product Specifications

Windows-based PC, monitor and printer
PowerNet TD Controller
Ethernet connection between data acquisition system and computer
(12) Twelve – Pressure transducers (separate channels). Pressure ranges vary based on placement
(4) Four – Temperature sensors (separate channels). Thermocouple type K with extension cables and fittings
(2) Two – Magnetic speed sensors for input and output RPM measurement
(1) One – Flow meter input to interface