Power Test products serve industries across the globe.

Power Test serves industries in more than 90 countries around the globe. From the high-speed engine dynos of performance racing to transmission test stands for construction equipment, Power Test has the testing products to meet your needs.

  • Performance Racing

    Developing and perfecting performance engines requires accurate, reliable measurements that are easy to compare and interpret.

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  • Construction

    Keeping your construction equipment running and in good working order is key to your success.

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  • Marine

    Out on the water, your engines and systems must perform and Power Test Marine Dynamometers are here to guarantee that they do.

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  • Military

    Power Test has a longstanding relationship with military installations around the world, providing testing solutions for a wide range of equipment.

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  • Mining

    Keep you mining operation up and running at peak efficiency with a Power Test dynamometer or transmission test stand.

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  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & gas equipment testing is one of the least acknowledged, but most vital elements of efficient, profitable operations.

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  • Power Generation

    We offer GenSet testing solutions because keeping the lights on and the electricity flowing is not optional.

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  • Transportation

    The transportation industry is as competitive as ever and keeping your customer’s truck running efficiently is key to success.

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