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Status Update

April 20, 2020

The leadership team at Power Test realizes that we are facing a very unique situation with the COVID-19 virus. We want to reiterate that our focus is on our loyal Customers, our dedicated employees, and our communities at large.

The experts have painted a sobering picture for Wisconsin. We are sure this is true for where ever you are located and reading this. We have about 6 million residents in the state. It was determined that 5% of our state population will be affected, resulting in about 300,000 people needing special care. Of those, 20% will require hospitalization. That is 60,000 people vying for fewer than 4,000 ICU and critical care beds in the entire state. Power Test is committed to “flattening the curve”.

Here is what we are doing to support our Customers, Employees and Communities:

  • We moved about 90% of our Office, Sales and Service staff to remote working situations
  • The company has been divided into two separate groups to ensure business continuity
  • These two group are working out of 3 self-contained areas and are divided by a 30-minute break between shifts to clean and sanitize our work spaces.
  • Financially, we have a company record backlog that we will continue to work on through August of this year. Leadtimes will continue to come down, quality will be a focus and capacity will open, especially for the 3rd and 4th quarters

Power Test has been through three major economic dips in the last 19 years and keeps coming out stronger because we developed and executed our strategic and tactical plans. This situation will be no different. We thank you for choosing the Power Test family of brands: Super Flow, Pivotal Pumps, AIDCO, Stuska, Axiline, Hicklin, and TCRS. Please contact your Sales or Service representative if you have any questions or concerns.


Rick Ruzga

In 2006, Power Test Inc purchased the transmission and hydraulic testing equipment division of AIDCO International. AIDCO set the standard for hydraulic test equipment since its introduction to the market in the mid-1960s. The product line has been expanded and refined to become AIDCO Test Systems. AIDCO has been successful through the combination of a solid customer base and pays attention to the needs in an ever changing market. The AIDCO name was re-established as a leader in the transmission and hydraulic component testing industry.

  • Heavy-Duty Transmission

    450E Series

    The AIDCO 450E-Series transmission test stands are designed for testing automatic, fully-automated manual, or manual […]

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  • 500E Series

    New from AIDCO, the 500E test stand is designed to meet your needs for testing […]

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  • 550E Series

    The AIDCO 550E-Series is our top of the line, dedicated, transmission test stand.  It’s a […]

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  • Model 700

    The Model 700 Hydraulic Component Test Stand (HCTS) is designed to test heavy-duty, off-highway, closed […]

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  • 850 Series

    AIDCO Test Systems Model 850 Hydraulic Test Center is a versatile test stand designed for […]

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  • 900C

    A versatile test stand designed for testing heavy-duty off-highway hydraulic components, the AIDCO Model 900C […]

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  • Model 265

    For testing mechanical valve bodies, the Model 265 reduces rebuilding labor time by helping you […]

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  • Shift Consoles

    Electronic Shift Console – ESC

    The AIDCO Electronic Shift Console design services factory authorized service centers with the ability to […]

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  • Electronic Shift Console – ASC

    The AIDCO ASC Electronic Shift Console has a special design for non-dealer service centers that […]

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  • Transmission Accessories

    Worktables – 450E Transmission

    AIDCO 450E-Series transmission test stand worktables include Short, Offset, V-Drive, as well as Extended options.

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  • Transmission Drive Group

    AIDCO’s Powershift Transmission Drive kit assembles all the necessary components while connecting to the 450E’s main […]

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  • Eddy Stall Brake

    The AIDCO Stall Brake Add-On uses an air actuated brake assembly installed into the Eddy […]

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  • Manifold Rectifier Block

    AIDCO’s Manifold Rectifier Block is a 0-200 GPM (0-757 L/min), as well as 0-6,000 PSI (413 […]

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  • Universal Housing Support

    AIDCO’s Universal Housing Support supports as well as secures and connects various pumps, motors, and […]

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  • Power Rotation

    A 360-degree power rotation for bell-housing mounted transmissions on the AIDCO 450E test stand. This allows for easy access when setting […]

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