In 2006, Power Test purchased the transmission and hydraulic testing equipment division of AIDCO International. AIDCO set the standard for hydraulic test equipment since its introduction to the market in the mid-1960s. The product line has been expanded and refined to become AIDCO Test Systems. Through the combination of a solid customer base and attention to the needs of an ever changing market, the AIDCO name was re-established as a leader in the transmission and hydraulic component testing industry.

  • Heavy-Duty Transmission

    450E Series

    The AIDCO 450E-Series transmission test stands are designed for testing automatic, fully-automated manual, or manual […]

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  • 500E Series

    New from AIDCO, the 500E test stand is designed to meet your needs for testing […]

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  • 550E Series

    The AIDCO 550E-Series is our top of the line, dedicated, transmission test stand.  It’s a […]

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  • Model 700

    The Model 700 Hydraulic Component Test Stand (HCTS) is designed to test heavy-duty, off-highway, closed […]

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  • 850 Series

    AIDCO Test Systems Model 850 Hydraulic Test Center is a versatile test stand designed for […]

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  • 900C

    A versatile test stand designed for testing heavy-duty off-highway hydraulic components, the AIDCO Model 900C […]

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  • Transmission & Hydraulic Dynamometer

    Model 265

    For testing mechanical valve bodies, the Model 265 reduces rebuilding labor time by helping you […]

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  • Transmission Accessories

    450E Transmission Worktables

    AIDCO 450E-Series transmission test stand worktables include Short, Offset, V-Drive, as well as Extended options.

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  • Eddy Stall Brake

    The AIDCO Stall Brake Add-On uses an air actuated brake assembly installed into the Eddy […]

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  • Manifold Rectifier Block

    AIDCO’s Manifold Rectifier Block is a 0-200 GPM (0-757 L/min), as well as 0-6,000 PSI (413 […]

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