AIDCO Test Systems

In 2006, Power Test purchased the transmission and hydraulic testing equipment division of AIDCO International. AIDCO set the standard for hydraulic test equipment since its introduction to the market in the mid-1960s. The product line has been expanded and refined to become AIDCO Test Systems. Through the combination of a solid customer base and attention to the needs of an ever changing market, the AIDCO name was re-established as a leader in the transmission and hydraulic component testing industry.


Transmission Test Stands

Power Test's offers the latest in modern, electric motor and hydrostaticall-driven test stands. Designed for testing heavy-duty, on/off-highway, inline, manual,...

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Hydraulic Component Test Stands

Have confidence in all of your hydraulic component repairs with a Power Test Hydraulic Component Test Stand. These standalone, or multi-functional, test system ...

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