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Regenerative AC Engine Tests

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The design and creation of Engine Test dynamometers for large engines is Power Test Inc’s core application. We offer regenerative machines for AC Engine Tests to customers who need both motoring and absorbing capabilities.  This “Green” technology is also very attractive to corporations desiring to recoup the energy absorbed by the dynamometer.  We use the latest power electronics that exceed IEEE519 harmonic grid requirements. Because of this, Power Test has implemented custom and standard engine applications.  Advancements in IGBT technology and associated cost reduction for higher-power electronics has also broadened our custom solutions. We now make and justify larger engine dynamometers then ever before.

When customers require 4-Quadrature (motoring and absorbing) testing of their engine for initial cranking, Power Test can make it, and make it better. Whether its to simulate coast-down tests, enhance controllability of transient emissions tests, or if they simply want to recoup the engines’ power back to the facility grid, Power Test can design an AC dynamometer.  Installations have ranged from high-speed, 7HP micro-turbine AC engine tests through high torque 5,000HP mining and marine diesel engine applications.

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