Why Choose a Chassis Dyno?

For the most part, people intuitively understand the benefits of owning a chassis dyno. It makes sense to test your work before releasing it back to your customer. But in their experience, chassis dynos are an expensive hassle that never seem to justify their costs. 25 years ago, this assessment may have been accurate. But with advancements in breaking technology, particularly with Power Test’s Eddy Current Chassis Dyno, these testing solutions are now more convenient and economical than ever.

This quick video explores the basic technologies common in chassis dynos and dives into how Power Test can provide a system that earns you money in the short- and long-term.

Here are some key considerations that are reviewed during the presentation:

1.) Chassis Dynos eliminate liability and lost time from road testing.
2.) Eliminates multiple staff deployed for road testing
3.) Proper and professional verification of repair
4.) Reduction or elimination of come-backs
5.) Incremental Shop Income

At Power Test we’ve seen it in action more times than we can count. Contact us to go through our Payback Calculator, where we work through specific examples of your shop to prove to you that a Chassis Dyno is not a purchase, but an investment.