A Conversation with your Dyno Sales Rep – Dan Jens

What regions do you represent and what are some of the testing challenges that are present there?

I’m the dyno sales rep for the eastern half of the United States and Canada with the dividing line being pretty much the Mississippi River. I’ve got customers all over the region, but I’ve found that they’re especially dense in the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio area where they have a large amount of mining operations and require engine and transmission testing on their equipment. Across the rest of the eastern US, there’s a need for our whole lineup of engine dynos and transmission test stands, but I’ve found a particular need for chassis dynos at truck repair centers all over.

What Power Test products are most common in your region?

The most common product that I sell to this region is our line of Eddy Current Chassis Dynamometers. No matter what part of the country, repair centers are going to benefit from dyno testing their trucks because those trucks will go hundreds of thousands of miles all across the country and they need to know that they are operating exactly how they should.

Aside from the chassis dynos, our X-Series engine dynos and AIDCO transmission test stands are popular in mining country.

Can you tell me about a unique testing situation where you went above and beyond for a customer?

I try to go above and beyond for all our customers, but one that comes to mind is Crow’s Trucking Center in Tennessee.  They had purchased a chassis dyno and had gone through installation and commissioning, and were looking for additional tips continue to elevate their business potential with the equipment.  I went to visit and walked them through all of the sales benefits of having a chassis dyno on site.  The opportunities are endless. You can always upsell a dyno test alongside your service, but I’ve seen great success when repair centers offer it for free. The reputational benefits of verified repairs can outpace the incremental sales revenue, but that’s up to each individual location.

On my visit I delivered personalized marketing brochures and commissioned a professional video outlining their service offering. When I was done, you could see the light bulb go on for how they would market their dyno.

In this instance, we went way above and beyond the call of duty. And I’ll tell you, anytime they or anybody in their area needs a chassis dyno I can guarantee you they will come to Power Test.

Somebody’s thinking about a dyno and they think they know everything about it. They even have pricing in mind. Why would somebody want to call you when they’re just in the preliminary steps? What kind of information can you help them with that they might not expect?

There’s a lot of questions that they’ll have. First off, they want to know what the average price is and I can help a customer with that. But besides a quote, I let the customer know that we do more than just provide the equipment. They need to know whether they have the room for it, if they have to build or even buy additional land. I go through some things that they’re going to need to think about and let them know that we offer additional services like DCI (design, construction, & installation) where we design a customer specific print set and provide on-site supervision for their contractors to make sure the design, construction, and installation phases of the project go smoothly. Our insight early in the process helps to prevent mistakes and leads to the best outcome for our customers.

You’ve been around a lot of different customer locations in your territory. What do you get out of visiting these customers and what kind of perspective does that give you?

There’s a thing in the lean manufacturing world called “Go to Gemba”, and that means you go to the source of the problem. Customers call us because they have a problem, and we don’t just sell them equipment and walk away. We help customers by providing customized solutions to their problems, and visiting them at their locations gives me the opportunity to see a wide range of testing challenges.

All right. You convinced me I’m ready to buy a dyno time to pick up the phone. Why do I want to call you?

Aside from the dynamometer equipment experience I bring to the table, I also have a marketing background. I understand how once the equipment is sold and installed, I can help offer additional sales and marketing benefits you wouldn’t get anywhere else. I help identify innovative offerings to help you sell your services and increase revenue with your new Power Test dyno.

Whether that be through additional training, or with customized videos, graphics, or website development.  I’ll work to make sure you are absolutely maximizing your investment.  I want to make sure our customers are set up for success.

What sets Power Test apart in the dyno testing industry?

I’ll tell it to you like this; when working on a car you want the best tools. You don’t want them to break, but if they do, you know that it’s going to be replaced and the best in that arena is Snap-on.

They’re top shelf quality, second to none, extremely innovative and user friendly tools that guys will pay an arm and leg for. Like Snap-on, Power Test is the best. We’re the best in dyno equipment. We’re the best in the knowledge that our service department, engineers and shop technicians, and DCI have. And we’re constantly making improvements and innovating.

We’re improving, not only in better testing equipment, but in better maintenance practices, better installation strategies and better technical service. When you work with Power Test, you’ll know you are surrounded by the best people in the testing industry and I can provide a long list of reference that back up that statement. We have more test equipment in more military installations, truck centers and engine rebuilder locations than any other dyno manufacturer in the world and that’s because they know Power Test is the best.

Why Choose a Chassis Dyno?

For the most part, people intuitively understand the benefits of owning a chassis dyno. It makes sense to test your work before releasing it back to your customer. But in their experience, chassis dynos are an expensive hassle that never seem to justify their costs. 25 years ago, this assessment may have been accurate. But with advancements in breaking technology, particularly with Power Test’s Eddy Current Chassis Dyno, these testing solutions are now more convenient and economical than ever.

This quick video explores the basic technologies common in chassis dynos and dives into how Power Test can provide a system that earns you money in the short- and long-term.

Here are some key considerations that are reviewed during the presentation:

1.) Chassis Dynos eliminate liability and lost time from road testing.
2.) Eliminates multiple staff deployed for road testing
3.) Proper and professional verification of repair
4.) Reduction or elimination of come-backs
5.) Incremental Shop Income

At Power Test we’ve seen it in action more times than we can count. Contact us to go through our Payback Calculator, where we work through specific examples of your shop to prove to you that a Chassis Dyno is not a purchase, but an investment.

Chassis Dyno Installation

CChassis dyno installation can be a headache for first-time users, and it requires a lot of preparation on behalf of your truck service center. Luckily, Power Test’s industry-leading facilities team and representatives are available to work with you every step of the way. Our DCI team, which has over 30 years experience in the design, construction, and installation of dynamometer test cells, is available to provide you with everything necessary for a state of the art facility and will manage the project to completion. Many facilities, though, are fully capable of constructing their own test center with minimal direction from Power Test.

Whichever category you may fall in, there are a few initial considerations you should make when prepping for your install. These tips, available for download, are specific to the testing industry and will benefit even the most experienced facilities experts.

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