Power Test First Summer Cookout

June marked the beginning of summer and with it, the beginning of Power Test’s summer cookout calendar.  Each month during the summer, one department at Power Test hosts a themed cookout and provides food and drink for all employees.  It’s a great way to relax during a busy workday, and spend some time with our coworkers over a good meal. In June, the FBA team hosted a ‘Healthy Cookout’ where they served nutritious (and tasty) options.

Power Test management also recognized the winners of the President’s Fitness Challenge.  This challenge, brought forth by Power Test President, Pat Koppa, divided employees into teams andsummer cookout healthy pitted them against each other to see who would attend the Power Test provided, on-site workouts most consistently. In the end, the winners would be served a meal of their choice cooked by the leadership team themselves.  This year’s winners elected to eat grilled ribeye steaks and could not have enjoyed themselves more on this beautiful summer day.

Activities like this help foster relationships between different departments that don’t necessarily get to work with each other on a daily basis.  Throw in the added benefit of healthy competition and a healthy lifestyle, and it really helps Power Test live our values.