Power Test Announces Company’s 2024 Community Service Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that Luther Esselstrom has been awarded the Alan Petelinsek Community Service Award, given to an employee who exemplifies outstanding community involvement. This prestigious award recognizes exceptional dedication and service to the community, and Luther has truly represented these qualities through his extraordinary efforts and contributions.
Luther has shown exceptional dedication by volunteering his time and skills to the Boy Scouts of America and the SF Robotics Team. His efforts have not only made a significant difference in the lives of many youth but has also embodied the values and spirit of Power Test.

His passion for making a difference has not only benefited the community but also inspired colleagues and set a high standard for community engagement within our company. It is through the efforts of individuals like him that we can foster a stronger, more compassionate community.

At Power Test, we understand that recognizing such dedication acknowledges the far-reaching impact of community service, which extends beyond the workplace and significantly enhances the well-being of individuals, families, and the community at large. This award aims to highlight the importance of service to the community, emphasizing its positive effects not only on those receiving assistance but also on the individuals actively involved in giving back. By acknowledging and honoring exemplary acts of community service, we seek to inspire others to contribute meaningfully to the communities in which we live, play, and work.

We encourage all team members to participate in community service, whether it’s volunteering, mentoring, or organizing community events, we want to recognize those who go above and beyond to make a positive impact.

We celebrate and congratulate Luther for his incredible contributions and this well-deserved recognition. We are proud to have such an inspiring and dedicated individual as part of our team.

Luther E