How to Calibrate Torque on a Power Test Eddy Load Unit

Follow These Steps to Successfully Calibrate Torque

  1. Before beginning calibration, make sure you are logged into PowerNet Data Acquisition and Control as an administrator.
  2. To begin calibration, install the calibration arm into the eddy load unit.
  3. Open PowerNet’s calibration menu and zero torque.
  4. Place calibration weights onto the calibration arm and calculate your torque value using the arm length and total weight.
    • Arm Length (Ft.) x Total Weight (lbs.) = Torque Value (Ft-Lbs.)
  5. Enter this value into the entry box and press the adjust gain button.
  6. To finalize calibration, remove the weights and the calibration arm from the Eddy Load Unit.
  7. Return to PowerNet and zero torque once again.