Wye Strainer Maintenance

Welcome to our latest Tech Tip. In this video we will show you how to perform basic maintenance on the various Wye Strainers located in your testing system.

Hi, today I’m going to be showing you how to service your wye strainer. You will find wye strainers filtering the inlet water on your dynamometer or filtering the hydraulic fluid within one of our test centers. Power Test recommends cleaning wye strainers once a month. Before maintaining your wye strainer, turn OFF the fluid supply or isolate the wye strainer. If necessary, allow the system to cool to a safe handling temperature. Next manually bleed off any pressure in the system. Once pressure is bled, use an adjustable wrench to remove the wye strainer cap. Slowly remove cap, as there may be residual fluid in the system that will bled out as the cap is removed. Once remove, you can set the cap aside and remove the wire mesh screen from the valve body if it did not come out with the cap.

Next, you will want to inspect the wire mesh screen. If the screen is damage, it will require replacement. To clean the screen, use a wire brush or compressed air to remove debris from the screen.  After cleaning or replacing the wire mesh screen, you will want to ensure the caps gasket is in place and in good condition. Again, if necessary, replace the gasket before re-assembly.

To re-assemble, insert the wire mesh screen back into the cap and then the assembly back into the valve body and tighten the cap. This completes the maintenance on a wye strainer. Fluid supply can now be turned back ON.

Well we hope this tech tip has helped, as always if you have any question don’t hesitate to call one of your customer service professionals. At Power Test our motto is We Make It Better and I hope in some small way this tech tip has done just that.