Mark M.
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Mark M.

Senior Dynamometer Operator

CAT Service Center Arizona

Product: H3610 & 2518 Engine Dyno

I have been a Dynamometer operator for 14 years using the H3610 and 2518 engine dynos. I also use the Power Test Fuel manager, Cooling Column and Charge Air After coolers as well. My experience with all Power Test equipment has been positive due to the superior quality and more important, the customer service. Whenever I have a question or problem (rare), Power Test is quick to respond by any means necessary including flying a representative to my location to rectify any issues present.  I recommend Power Test products not only for the superior quality but for the experience I’ve had with customer service. In my industry (Diesel Engine/ Mining), service far outweighs any other factor when choosing a product, the same applies to Power Test.