Retiree Program

Put Your Career Skills to Use in Retirement

The Power Test Retiree Program offers skilled professionals the opportunity to utilize their experience in a flexible work environment. Hired retirees determine their hours, manage themselves, and have meaningful input on the projects they work on.

The Power Test retiree Program is designed to allow retired professionals the opportunity to return to work and create a schedule that fits their needs. Employees in our Retiree Program arrive at times that they determine, and work on projects in a ‘no pressure’ setting. Power Test provides an opportunity for retirees to utilize their vast knowledge and experience and earn a supplement income while still maintaining the freedom they want in retirement.

“The retiree program at Power Test is a new initiative focused on trying to tap into professionals who have been in manufacturing. We believe that there is a great deal of expertise out there and that there are skilled retirees who want to be engaged in meaningful work on a part-time basis. If they want to go fishing and take the summer off we’ll take them at the other times of the year and it really is up to them.”

Mary Burback (Director of HR)

Current employees in the program are able to work on projects that have exceeded the capacity of our full-time workforce. One such project, is the manufacture and assembly of the TCRS Torque Converter Welder. This product line was acquired with the acquisition of SuperFlow, but with capacity at it’s limits, the project was continually postponed until Dan Kallay was brought on as part of the retiree program.

The program was put in place to fill the manufacturing talent gap that Wisconsin is currently experiencing. With unemployment so low, it’s been difficult recruiting full-time talent. Leadership at Power Test began to think outside the box when developing the retiree program. Ultimately, it provided the best of both worlds as the company uncovers experience that often exceeds anyone else in the job market. From the retiree’s perspective, they know that the work they’re doing is happening on their terms.

“I retired about six years ago after 40 years in aviation and I was thinking about doing something else. I was approached by Power Test, took a look at the company and thought, ‘Well I could do this.’ I like a little bit of a challenge but one thing I did tell Rick (Ruzga) was that I don’t want to be put under any pressure; I had that in my other job. I’m retired and I don’t want any pressure like I had at my other job. I’m part-time. I come in later. I still don’t have to set an alarm clock because I wake up at the same time every morning. It gives me time to clean up, get dressed, eat breakfast and have coffee with my wife before I come into work. And then I leave before everybody else does which is great.”

Dan Kallay (Retired Assembler)

If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining the Power Test workforce as a member of our retiree program, please reach out to us at To see the currently available position, visit the link below.