TCRS Dual Gun Torque Converter Welder

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At the core of the high-production torque converter system is the TCRS Auto Weld Aligners. With millions of torque converters having been rebuilt using TCRS products, the TCRS Dual Gun Torque Converter Welder is the essential piece of equipment for your rebuild process. This unit has dual welding capability allowing for increased productivity and is designed to accommodate all configurations.

  • Dual welding capability for extra productivity
  • Designed to accommodate all torque converter configurations
  • Air-operated collets, patented auto-tack and auto-weld functions, and capability to perform bowl buildups
  • Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and many more auto-manufacturers use the TCRS Auto Weld Aligners
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Product Specifications

Dimensions 36″D x 56″W x 87″H (91 x 142 x 221 cm)
Weight 1,450 lbs (458 kg)
Electrical Turntable drive motor requires 110 v single phase, 50 or 60 hz. Welder power supply runs on single phase or three phase, from 200 v to 575 v.
Finish Powder Coated Blue
Air Requirements Standard shop air, 100 – 120 psi (690 – 828 kPa)
Fixture Body All steel and precision-aligned
Turntable Stress relieved and precision CNC machined. Two HD Timken® tapered bearings with floating bronze ground. Fully adjustable on all axes for easy,precision alignment.
Collet Closer Assembled from tool steel and precision-ground. Precision machined DELRIN® hub bushings assure hub protection and repeatable performance. Air-operated collet; “buckable” for easy, precision alignment.
Drive Motor 950 lbs (431 kg) of torque with insulated coupler.
Welder Miller® brand components, using the XMT 304 power supply and heavy-duty “dual roller” 74 Series wire feeder.