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Stuska introduces the QuikStik LC Control Throttle and Automatic Load Control as part of the new TrackMaster dynamometer system. Dynamometer testing has never been easier due to the revolutionary QuikStik LC. The QuikStik LC provides one-handed, repeatable, and reliable testing. This system enables even inexperienced operators to perform smooth, repeatable tests while maintaining a natural sweep of the engine.
QuikStik LC uses feedback from the dynamometer to automatically maintain desired load points and sweep rates. The system allows users to sweep either up or down at a wide range of rates. The LC system continually adjusts the flow of water to the dynamometer to compensate for varying load conditions.

System Includes:

• Application-Specific Water Pump
• Customized Inlet Manifold
• Pump Controller
• QuikStik LC Joystick Panel
System Requirements:
• 200-240 VAC, 30 Amps, Single or Three-phase, 50 or 60 Hz
• Minimum 300-gallon Water Storage Tank


• Easy install & simple to operate
• Ignition and starter controls
• No expensive servo motors
• No valves to maintain
• Drastically reduces over-revving and engine snuffing
• Eliminates complex tuning parameters

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