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Hicklin Edect Transmission Test Stand

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The Hicklin EDECT Transmission Test Stand is engineered for heavy-duty transmissions including inline, v-drive, and angle-drive configurations. It is applicable for a wide range of transmissions including all Allison, Dana/Spicer, Voith, ZF, and Renk transmissions and many more military/off-road applications. This versatile transmission test stand can accommodate all sizes off-highway equipment including power/manual shift, drop-box, and remote configurations.

  • Comes standard with 150 HP direct drive AC Electric motor
  • Delivers full torque capacity bi-directionally up to 4000 RPMs
  • Accommodates¬†additional motor sizes from 100-2,000 HP
  • Eddy Load Unit absorbs up to 800 HP intermittently and 200 HP continuously
Testing Capabilities
  • All gears – planetary, sun, etc.
  • Mechanical noise
  • Hot & cold testing
  • All available pressure ports
  • Shift points
  • Pump capacity & flow pressure
  • Leaks – internal, external
  • Stall speed – forward, reverse
  • Throttle valve pressure
  • Automatic & manual upshift, downshift
  • Vacuum pressure modulator
  • Solenoid functions
  • Converter – lockup and non-lockup types
  • Output & internal loading
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Product Specifications

Power Requirements 460 V 3-phase, 60 Hz (3 wire)
Air Requirements 1/2″ lines (12.8 mm), 100 psi (689 kPa) minimum
Weight 6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg)
Dimensions 162 in. x 42 in. x 60 in. (411 cm x 107 cm x 152 cm)


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