Power Test Acquires Dynomite Dynamometer

Power Test acquires New Hampshire competitor DynoMite Dynamometer in the midst of COVID-19 Chaos

Power Test Inc, an industry leading dynamometer and test system manufacturer located in Sussex WI, has just acquired the assets of DynoMite Dynamometer, a 44 year old business located in Manchester, New Hampshire. This acquisition comes right on the tail of Power Test acquiring, moving, and integrating another long time competitor, SuperFlow Technologies, formerly of Des Moines, IA.

“The acquisition of DynoMite provides expanded product offerings, seasoned industry veteran sales and service staff, a loyal customer base and some advanced manufacturing technology,” said Alan Petelinsek, CEO of Power Test. Operations of DynoMite will remain in its present location. Peter Bergeron, son of the founder and longtime employee, will remain as the General Manager of the New Hampshire facility. He will report to Rick Ruzga, President of Power Test. All existing DynoMite staff have been retained. When asked why now, Petelinsek said, “Never waste a good crisis.”

For further information, visit www.powertestdyno.com and www.dynomitedynamometer.com