Chassis Dyno Maintenance

We’ve found that chassis dyno maintenance is one of the biggest concerns our customers have prior to purchasing a Power Test product.  The prevailing thought is that keeping them up and running is expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. But with Power Test’s Eddy Current Chassis Dynos, that’s just not the case.

In this Tech Tip, watch as one of our service professional walks you through the easy steps of chassis dyno maintenance.

Monthly Preventative Maintenance

  1. Verify the roll bearings and ensure there are no tracks or broken seals. Typically, if there are no signs of lubricant leaking than your bearings should be in good working order
  2. Apply lubrication at the junction box in the center of the chassis dyno. Use approximately 1/2 oz of 615 Valvoline red grease or equivalent per terminal.
  3. Verify that your air supply is properly lubricated and pressurized at 90PSI.  This is to apply the air brakes, but not to stop the rollers during a test. The air brakes, with properly functioning air supply, allow you to easily get your vehicle on and off the dyno.

6 Month Chassis Dyno Maintenance

  1. Verify the belts on the chassis dyno (located centrally). Each belt should have some bounce in the tension, but there should be no cracks, barbs, stray wires, or broken materials.
  2. Verify your speed pick up gap to .020″-.030″. Consult your owners manual with further questions.
  3. Finally, consider calibrating the torque on your chassis dyno by reviewing this previous Tech Tip.