The Tiny Dyno

Power Test is always thinking of new ways to show off our industry leading testing products, especially as we kick off trade show season.  Unfortunately its tough to bring a test cell to life our 10×10 booth, so we had to think outside the box.  Enter the ‘Tiny Dyno’ a 1/16th size fully functional, replica Flat Deck Chassis Dynamometer, complete with data acquisition and a Power Test branded truck.

The Tiny Dyno was built in preparation for the TMC Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN and was a welcome side project for the many Power Test employees who had the chance to work on it. Everyone from Engineering to Assembly to Electronics had fun with our newest marketing vehicle and the final product is something we’re proud to show off.

Let us know what you think of our Tiny Dyno and keep an eye out for it at our next trade show.

Webinar: AC Regenerative Solutions

Custom Engineered Solutions: AC Regen Webinar

From the Custom Engineered Solutions Division at Power Test, learn about different braking technology featured in our dynos and see if an AC Regenerative Solution may be right for you.

On Tuesday, February 7th, Rob Kazmier will explore, in depth, a number of topics including AC Regenerative Technology, Applications for AC Regen, and Technological Decision Factors. He will also answer any questions you might have in this conversational and consultative webinar.

Rob, a Senior Sales Engineer at Power Test, heads our Custom Engineered Solutions division, developing innovative testing procedures for uncommon challenges. Though Power Test has an extensive catalog of standard products, there are often unique circumstances that require a custom approach. Often times this need for customization is framed around the need for technology alternative to water brake or eddy current systems. AC Regenerative Technology is a clean and efficient solution that may make sense for your testing needs.

Register for our upcoming webinar or contact Rob directly if you have additional questions about what this technology can mean for your installation.

We encourage you to register for our webinar whether or not you are available during the slotted time.  All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar and the accompanying documents for you to review at your convenience.

Power Test to Attend TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Expo

TMC Annual Meeting

From February 27th through March 2nd, Power Test will be attending the TMC Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.  The annual meeting, dubbed the Transportation and Technology Exposition is an event hosted by the American Trucking Association, a group that seeks to improve safety, efficiency, and profitability for the trucking industry.

This multi day show features a complete schedule filled daily with seminars, task forces, town halls, forums, and extensive opportunities for interaction. Companies from across the country represent nearly every aspect of the industry, from carriers, to electrical component manufacturers and everything in between.

Power Test will attend to lecture on the benefits of our chassis dyno systems; a necessary component for complete engine build/rebuild shops.  Our President, Pat Koppa, will be on hand to work through the logistics of adding a chassis dyno to your shop.  With multiple daily seminars, he’s made himself available to personally address any questions or concerns that you might have.

Look for us in Booth #2948 and let us know if you’d like to set up a time to meet during the show.

Chassis Dyno Cutaway

New Dyno Products from Power Test – 2016

This year, Power Test Dyno celebrated its 40th anniversary.  We’ve excelled at making quality testing products and perfected many of the dynamometers we’ve offered since the beginning. But along with our experience, we also offer a team of innovative engineers and support staff, who engage with our customers to find new ways to Make Your Testing Easy.

Take a look at some of the work we’ve done in 2016 to innovate and evolve with new products and service offerings.

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New Dynamometer Products 2016

New products 2016

900C-Fully Automated Transmission Test Stand

900C-FA (Fully Automated Model)

A versatile test stand designed to test heavy-duty, off-highway, transmissions & hydraulic components, with automated processes and maximized safety features.

  • Independent closed loop hydrostatic drive
  • Fully automated functionality
  • Dual flat panel monitors
Chassis Dynamometer Flat Deck

Flat Deck Chassis Dyno

The industry’s first flush mount surface chassis dyno provides the ultimate in reliability and safety featuring Power Test’s air-cooled, eddy-current load absorbers.

  • Completely eliminates tripping hazard
  • Lifetime warranty on frames and rollers
  • Eliminate liability & time of road testing
Fully Containerized Complete Testing System

Easy Test Cell

The ETC is a comprehensive dyno testing facility featuring all components to give you the complete functionality of a brick and mortar facility without the permanence.

  • Constructed or removed in just 3 weeks
  • Elevated control room to maximize view
  • For power ranging from 350 to 10,000HP
Heavy Duty Portable Test Cell

Heavy Duty Portable Test Cell

Your portable testing solution for heavy duty engines ranging up to 1500HP. Quickly relocate your test system in regions affected by volatile weather or in any environment where mobility is an asset.

  • Capable of being packed and relocated in 8 hrs
  • Climate-controlled control room
  • Just add water and power!
500E Transmission Test Stand

500E Transmission Test Stand

Designed to meet your needs for testing medium and heavy-duty transmissions and torque converters for both off-highway and commercial vehicles.

  • Large drop-box & in-line transmissions
  • Automatic & power shift transmissions
  • Simulates full or closed throttle conditions
PowerNet 3.0 Data Acquisition and Control

PowerNet 3.0 Data Acquisition & Control

PowerNet version 3.0 dyno data acquisition offers flexible graphics, remote monitoring, test facility integration and professional reports that represent the quality of your work.

  • Large independently configurable display
  • Flexible alarm set points
  • Create and run fully automated test patterns with dynamic reporting

Facility Control

Experience the highest levels of convenience and facility automation with Power Test’s new FC – facility control system.

  • Monitor and control environmental conditions
  • Management of all support system components
  • Customizable with your additional parameters

Christmas Tree Lighting Party

Every year, Power Test hosts its annual Christmas Tree Lighting Party on the company grounds.  Employees, families, and community members are invited to hangout on our ‘Break Pad’ and enjoy snacks, cocoa, and caroling from the Sussex Hamilton Choir. Held in early December, the event is one of the first opportunities of the year to get festive for the holidays.  This year as part of the fun we had a bonfire, photo booth, and even a visit from Santa for all of the kids in attendance. The hot chocolate, cookies, and good company were more than enough to fend off the cold temperatures and the turnout was fantastic.

As the sun set, it was time to light the Christmas Tree and kick off the holiday season.  This year, Power Test held a raffle to see who got to ‘Flip the Switch’ and turn on the lights. The lucky winner performed beautifully and the tree was lit for all passersby to see.

This years event was held in support of Sussex Outreach Services. During the weeks leading up to the party, Power Test held a toy drive for local families and our employees donated generously.  Additionally Power Test made a substantial donation to the charity to help Sussex Outreach Services furnish their new home in downtown Sussex. SOS serves nearly 500 families a year, with a good deal of them visiting during the holiday season.  Events like the Christmas Tree Lighting go a long way to helping them in their mission.

Power Test Lights its Christmas Tree

Army Physical Fitness Test

A Healthy Lifestyle

One of the core values here at Power Test is “Ski with your grandkids when you’re 77.” While it may not be obvious at face value, every one of our employees can tell you exactly what it means. It’s the representation of our commitment to a physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

All year long, Power Test offers it’s employees opportunities to pursue healthy lifestyle choices. Five nights a week, we bring a personal trainer into the facility to give a group class in our state of the art workout room. The classes are scaled so every person at any age can enjoy a challenging and invigorating workout. In addition to the workout classes, we also offer lunch seminars each month that focus on making healthy decisions in the kitchen. Nutritionists visit with employees during their lunch hour and discuss a wide range of nutrition topics that are applicable to busy professionals.  Participation in the workouts and the seminars are incentivized through our healthcare provider, as well as through a monthly monetary contribution from Power Test.

Physical Fitness TestBut the biggest incentive towards a healthy lifestyle comes twice a year in the form of the Army Physical Fitness Test. In early spring and late fall, all employees are given the opportunity to perform the Army PFT on a Friday afternoon during the workday. Military personnel from local armed forces affiliate are onsite to administer the test and help to maintain a supportive, but competitive environment.

Physical Fitness Test Standards

The test is comprised of three different parts. First, there is a 2 minute push-up test where participants attempt to complete as many reps as possible. Immediately following the push-ups is a 2 minute sit-up test. After those are complete, the entire group heads outside to run our 2-mile course as fast as possible. If they complete the required exercises at a 60 percentile clip, they will qualify for a bonus of up to $1000.  This bonus is intended to be used as an HSA stipend, a gym membership, or in the pursuit of other healthy activities, but ultimately employees can do with it what they like.Physical Fitness standards

On Friday November 4th, 42 Power Test employees participated in the event and combined to earn over $25,000. Power Test is especially proud on days like this to see our employees living our core values. The atmosphere of teamwork, encouragement, and support carries through long after the workout is over and truly makes Power Test a special place to work.

Milwaukee Rescue Mission Food Drive

Power Test Annual Food Drive

Every year during the first week of November, Power Test employees hold a food drive to support the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.  The Milwaukee Rescue Mission is committed to changing the lives of the homeless through both short and long-term programs around the city.  A major part of their effort includes feeding the poor in the area, especially around the holidays. Employees were encouraged to bring their non-perishable food items in over the course of the week to aid them in their cause.

In addition to the food drive, the company, as well as individual employees, made financial contributions towards the mission.  These donations were matched dollar for dollar by a statewide grant, doubling the impact of Power Test’s generosity.

On the day of the collection, employees at Power Test hold their own pot luck lunch to come together and turn their donation into a company wide gesture. During the meal, employees have the chance to hear from Milwaukee Rescue Mission volunteers about the work that they do and all the good that will be accomplished with the donation.

Milwaukee Rescue Mission’s Impact on the Community

To the surprise of many in southeastern Wisconsin, Milwaukee is one of the poorest cities in America.  1 out of 3 of our neighbors lives in poverty, with children making up a disheartening Milwaukee Rescue Missionpercentage of that population. Each year, the Milwaukee Rescue Mission serves over 300,000 meals, delivers 40,000 items of clothing, and provides over 100,000 nights of shelter. Contributions like the one made by Power Test go a long way towards improving these numbers, but there is plenty of work left to do.

A simple gesture, something as small as a hot plate of food, can have lasting consequences on those who are in need.  We encourage you to visit the Milwaukee Rescue Mission online to see how your generosity can make a difference.

COSBE – ‘Be the Spark’ Program – We Make It Better

During the month of October, Power Test hosted students from Milwaukee Public Schools as part of the COSBE – Be the Spark Program. This program, facilitated by the Council of Small Business Executives, seeks to give students the opportunity to experience Wisconsin businesses. The goal being to open their eyes to the many career paths that are available to them, and encourage them to pursue the skills necessary to make those careers a reality.

Power Test welcomed two separate groups in October and gave 80 students the opportunity to explore our facilities. Power Test is unique in that our Sussex, WI facility hosts every facet of our international business. Engineering, Design, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Administration, and every aspect of the manufacturing product were represented during the tour. Students were divided into groups and given the opportunity to ask specific questions of each of these departments. Ultimately, these students were given perspective on many professional careers they may not have considered.

“I believe that creating experiences for kids is a great learning tool. Learning takes place outside of the classroom as well as inside, but I think its much more effective when they have the hands on experience to see it for themselves,” said Randy Nichols, a teacher at the Lincoln Center of the Arts. Mr. Nichols, along with other teachers from the school can see the impact this experience has on their students going forward.Be the Spark Tour for Students of MPS

Students are able to identify the things they like and enjoy, and apply that to the jobs and careers they saw at Power Test. Students with creative and artistic minds gravitated towards engineering where they saw Power Test employees design, draw, and ultimately create their visions. Mathematically inclined students saw that their skillsets were directly applicable to the business administration and finance side. Those students who are very hands on were passionate about seeing our products in action. Overall, there was an impact on everyone.

Familiarizing themselves with industries and businesses that aren’t a part of their core curriculum can be hugely beneficial to these students going forward. Power Test is proud to be able to support this program and is proud of our ability to Make It Better.

Power Test Participates in Export Panel

On Tuesday, October 11, Power Test President Pat Koppa joined with business leaders from around the state to lead an export panel on the growth of manufacturers through exports.  Moderated by Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, this panel discussed the opportunities and challenges associated with globalization. Over 125 audience members attended the free event and Mr. Koppa was happy to share his insight to help other small business owners from around the state.

“Power Test is an industry leader in dynamometers, but more than that we’ve been exporting our products for more than 30 years,” said Koppa.  “We see it as a responsibility to share our experiences and help Wisconsin businesses avoid some of the challenges we’ve faced and overcome.”

The panel centered on the export process and the resources available to businesses looking to make an impact abroad. Mr. Koppa, alongside Jeff Mueller (CEO, Broan-Nutone) and Jim Zaiser (President, Hydro Thermal) discussed the ExporTech program, Wisconsin State resource support, language localization and market evaluation techniques for more than an hour.export-panel-2

After the export panel there was a brief Q&A with Eric Steimer, Championship Manager of the 2017 U.S. Open Championship to explore the intricacies of planning a massive event with a global audience.  To close the morning, attendees were invited to tour the state-of-the-art facilities at Signicast and see their innovative processes in action. A special thanks to Signicast and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch as they graciously hosted and moderated a successful morning.

Overall, this event provides an outlet for Wisconsin businesses to collaborate and improve their standing in a growing global economy. To grow, small businesses lean on the strength of the community around them and rely on a statewide reputation of excellence. Power Test is honored with the opportunity to share their experiences and is proud to Make It Better for its community.

Where You Can Find Us – October 2016

Rematech 2016

Power Test will have an active presence at the upcoming Rematech 2016 Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV.  From October 29th-30th, Wayne Mohler will be on hand at the Paris Hotel Convention Center to address testing issues in the re-manufacturing industry. We welcome visitors to Booth 600 to talk with a Power Test representative about all of your testing needs.


International Visit Locations:

Power Test is a global company, and that means more than just exporting our world class dynamometers. Whether on our website, through trade shows and conferences, or with personal visits, we make an effort to engage with industries and organizations around the world to make their testing easy.  Take a look at where we’ll be this month and let us know when we can come visit you.

October 3rd – October 6th
Rob Kazmier

October 20th – October 21
Dan jens

Las Vegas, Nevada
October 27th – October 30th
Wayne Mohler