• Steven D. - Manager

    AIDCO 900C & Power Test 45X07

    Both test facilities have been behaving very well and we are now successfully testing completed […]

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  • Scott L. - Component Shop Supervisor

    AIDCO 900C

    I would like to send this letter of recommendation for Power Test Inc. We have […]

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  • Michael R. - Component Rebuild Superintendent

    AIDCO 900C

    We purchased a model 900C-400 hydraulic test center. The unit is exceptional, and I believe […]

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  • Doug S. - Owner/Engineer

    45X08 Engine Dyno

    Our new 48X08 Power Test dynamometer has provided us great performance and reliability.  The unique water […]

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  • Mark M. - Senior Dynamometer Operator

    H3610 & 2518 Engine Dyno

    I have been a Dynamometer operator for 14 years using the H3610 and 2518 engine […]

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  • Cecil D. - Foreman Shop Manager

    Engine Dyno

    We purchased our Power Test Dynamometer 14 years ago. During this time we have rebuilt […]

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  • Randall M. - Component Rebuild Center Advisor

    AIDCO 900C & Service

    As for our experience with Power Test, it has been nothing short of excellent. The […]

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  • Skeat - Manager

    Hydraulic Test Bench

    As a Japanese company dealing in the supply of service and repair equipment for earth […]

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