Maintenance Equipment Provider Japan

Product: Hydraulic Test Bench

As a Japanese company dealing in the supply of service and repair equipment for earth moving machinery for the overseas market, we had the opportunity to provide a hydraulic test bench manufactured by Power Test Inc., for a project in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

From the offer of the equipment to the final acceptance by the end-user, the attention to detail, timely communication, and supply of a quality machine by Power Test resulted in the smooth completion of the project and most importantly, a satisfied customer.

During the most critical phase of the project, which is the installation and commissioning of the machine, and conducting the training of the operation and maintenance, the Power Test technician was responsible for this work was exemplary in his preparation, knowledge and explanations. The non-native English speaking personnel were able to grasp the concepts of the procedures. Overall, the technician’s professionalism and ability provided a very positive impression on the customer.

If this one project were an indication of how business is conducted by Power Test, then I would definitely look forward to working with them again and I would strongly recommend their products and services.