• SF-902S Engine Dynamometer

    The SF-902S Performance Engine Dyno from SuperFlow is rated for 15,000 RPM and is capable […]

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  • SF Eddy Current Engine Dynamometer

    In addition to our standard, water brake performance engine dynamometers, SuperFlow also offers a wide […]

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  • SF-Powermark Engine Dynamometer

    The SF-Powermark engine dynamometer showcases a rugged, durable power absorption unit and a 2″ diameter […]

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  • SF-3000BW Engine Dynamometer

    The SF-3000BW by SuperFlow is the breakthrough performance engine dyno you’ve been waiting for. With […]

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  • TrackMaster

    The heart of the TrackMaster performance engine dyno system is the proven Stuska water brake dynamometer. […]

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  • SF-4000HD

    Prove it with the SF-4000HD, SuperFlow’s first 4000HP engine dynamometer. We’ve listened to our customers […]

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