• Heavy-Duty Transmission

    450E Series

    Capable of Testing:

    Heavy duty, On-highway, Inline, Transmissions

    The AIDCO 450E-Series transmission test stands are designed for testing automatic, fully-automated manual, or manual […]

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  • Hicklin Edect Transmission Test Stand

    The Hicklin EDECT Transmission Test Stand is engineered for heavy-duty transmissions including inline, v-drive, and […]

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  • Automotive Transmission

    Axiline 84K Automotive Transmission Test Stand

    The Axiline 84000 Automotive Transmission Test Stand presents the perfect manual-shift dynamometer for light as […]

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  • Axiline 97K Transmission Test Stand

    The Axiline 97000 is fully digital for highly accurate, repeatable, and easy automotive transmission tests. […]

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  • Axiline VBT 8000 Valve Body Tester

    The Axiline VBT 8000 by Power Test is the valve body tester standard for the […]

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  • TCRS Single Gun Torque Converter Welder

    The TCRS Single Gun Torque Converter Welder features a 74 series wire feeder, and a […]

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  • TCRS Dual Gun Torque Converter Welder

    At the core of the high-production torque converter system is the TCRS Auto Weld Aligners. […]

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  • TCRS Torque Converter Balancer

    The TCRS Torque Converter Balancer is capable of providing repeatable, as well as extremely accurate […]

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  • TCRS Piston Bonder

    The TCRS® piston bonder has a massive capacity to accommodate the increasingly larger pistons and […]

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  • TCRS Air Test Stand

    The TCRS Air Test Stand locates leaks in seconds. It pressurizes the converter with air […]

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  • PowerNet AX

    PowerNet, the trusted name for reliable data acquisition and control systems, is now offering a […]

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  • SuperFlow Accessories

    Face Plate

    The face plate assists in opening the converters due to its direct attachment to the spindle of the […]

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