SF-Powermark Engine Dynamometer

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The SF-Powermark engine dynamometer showcases a rugged, durable power absorption unit and a 2″ diameter main shaft. It’s the only absorber on the market available with cross-vented rotors for smooth and fast water flow. The system is built with integrated starters which eliminates the need for bell-housing, flywheel, or engine starter. The Powermark Engine Dynamometer comes complete with an engine docking cart, boom-mounted accessories, and is compatible with WinDyn 3.2 data acquisition and control.

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  • Complete engine testing system includes dynamometer stand, docking cart, operator station & console, sensor box, engine cooling column, computer, WinDyn software, monitors and printer
  • Automated tests for simple operation and unequaled repeatability
  • Test a wide range of engine sizes (including reverse rotation) with unique cross vented rotor design for equal capacity in either direction – 2,500 plus hp capacity
  • Dual servo valve control system – precise control for any application
  • Docking cart system for rapid engine changes
  • Control console to manage test, engine and test cell equipment all from the operator station
  • Boom system to mount sensor box, manage sensor cables and hold the cooling column neatly in the test cell
  • 139 data acquisition channels – user configurable to meet any application
  • Modular sensor box with expansion panel system to easily add sensors over the life of the dyno
  • Performance
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Product Specifications

Absorber Type Water brake power absorber with Teflon water seals, high speed bearings, stainless trunnion and backing plate and aluminum bronze rotor – low inertia design for the precise control
Maximum Speed 15,000 RPM
Horsepower Capacity 2,500 hp (1,864 kW)
Torque Capacity 1,750 lb-ft. (2,373 N-m)
Temperature 16-Channel termocuople panel 12 transducers, 1/8″ 12 swagelock fittings 12 ten foot extension cables
Pressure 10-channel pressure panel 3 sensors (-15 to 150 psi)
Air / Fuel 2 pre-configured analog inputs
Fuel Flow 2 fuel flow measurement turbines (0-80 gal/hr)
Air Flow 1 air flow measurement turbine (9 in. air turbine standard, 20-1, 200 CFM) (4 in. and 6 in. sizes also available)