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PowerNet Workstation 3.1

Engine Data Acquisition

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With WorkStation 3.1, your data acquisition controller is housed in an industrial enclosure built to withstand test cell environments. WorkStation 3.1 adds efficiency by putting pre-test connections and procedures in one place to optimize the user experience. The 3.1 software is operated from a rugged, touch-screen display. Upgrade from version 2.0 to see Power Test’s newest solution to Make Your Testing Easy.


Workstation 3.1 Features:

  1. The Latest Technology
    • The PowerNet WorkStation 3.1 moves away from Windows software and utilizes Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) for increased flexibility now and into the future.
      Version 2.0 ran on a Windows-based operating system which created operational challenges due to varying Windows software versions.
  2. Reduced Complexity for Increased Reliability
    • By reducing the total components from 31 to just 23 and cutting the electronic connection points by over 50%. 3.1 is a simpler and more reliable design, built to withstand years of operation.
      Higher complexity systems require more frequent maintenance and trained technicians to ensure consistent testing.
  3. Industrial Grade Components
    • 3.1 moves from consumer- to industrial-grade component featuring a real-time embedded industrial controller to maximize space, usage simplicity and longevity.
      WorkStation 2.0 used an SCXI chassis, consumer-grade components and required meticulous wiring of over 37 pin connectors.
  4. Durable User Interface
    • WorkStation 3.1 utilizes a modern, stand-alone Touch Screen HMI which allows deft navigation of PowerNet 3.0 data acquisition software.
      Previous user interfaces were confusing and required extensive experience to successfully operate.
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