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PowerNet 3.1

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PowerNet Version 3.1 offers flexible graphics, remote monitoring and reporting, test facility integration and professional reports to Make Your Testing Easy. The system is comprised of the Commander Computer, a modified desktop PC; and the Workstation, a touch-screen operated unit housed in a rugged industrial enclosure. Both systems communicate with each other through an Ethernet cable, providing rapid data transfer speeds, wiring simplicity, and LAN connections. Power Test’s PowerNet 3.1 controls the unit being tested and measures key parameters – all through the industry’s most easy-to-use and reliable system.

  • The system includes: WorkStation, PowerNet Commander PC, flat screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, eight temperature sensors, four pressure sensors, and a Barometric pressure transducer
  • Programmable averaging on each channel
  • High-speed control loop capabilities (freq. cycle time 100 Hz)
  • Large independently configurable remote digital display in the test cell
  • Conditional Alarm set points based on different test conditions
  • Failure mode recording capability to assist in Product Quality Improvement efforts
  • All channels easily configured for sensor name, units, and alarm values using pull-down menus
  • The interface features updated 3D graphics and contemporary gauges
  • Windows-based software
  • Quickly create and run fully automated test patterns and easily save display, and export results in dynamic reports featuring customizable images, logos, and fonts
  • Windows-based software allows for reliable, repeatable testing for even the most novice of users
  • The system includes eight (8) temperature sensors, four (4) pressure sensors, and a Barometric pressure transducer
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