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PowerNet EMTS (Electric Motor Test Systems)

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Introducing PowerNet EMTS, Power Test’s complete data acquisition and control package for electric motor testing. Featuring the upgraded PowerNet 3.0 interface and functionality, PowerNet EMTS allows you to run your electric motor through a set of easily reproducible patterns. With easy to read on-screen graphics, templated auto-run test patterns, and dynamically created printed reports, assessing your electric motors is easier than ever.
PowerNet EMTS functions as a quick identifier of key electric motor parameters, including output speed, current balance, temperature, power output, and efficiency. An updated interface allows the user to easily set input or output benchmarks for their test. The easy to read and the accessible interface allows users to quickly assess the motor using the information that is most valuable to them.
PowerNet EMTS now features internal logic providing end-users with easy to read efficiency calculations directly on their display. With versatile testing patterns, users can analyze their electric motors in to verify a motor nameplate, create their own, or assess functionality pertaining to slip, output efficiency, or Power Factor. PowerNet EMTS for electric motors Makes Your Testing Easy.

  • Manual, Set Point, and Automated control methods of torque, power, and motor speed as well as to a current draw set point
  • Robust, non-proprietary, industrial data acquisition and control hardware
  • Display, record, save and print torque, power, speed, temperatures, voltage, current, a variety of optional sensor inputs, plus calculated channels
  • Easy to configure displays, reports, and automated patterns
  • All channels easily configured for sensor name, units, and alarm values using pull-down menus.
  • The system includes Controller, PowerNet Commander PC w/ flat screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, sensors for channels ordered and all connections.

Easily Analyze Key Parameters:

  • Speed (RPM) @ Frequency
  • Power Output ( @ input)
  • Power Input (@ output)
  • Current Balance
  • Efficiency
  • Slip
  • Amperage
  • Temperatures
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