In-House Manufacturing Delivers

Power Test's in-house manufacturing delivers the largest single project to date; 10 X-Series Water Brake Engine Dynamometers.

One of the biggest differentiators between Power Test and it’s competitors is it’s ability to deliver comprehensive test systems with in-house manufacturing. While others farm out their labor, sacrificing quality control for price, Power Test’s workforce of trained engineers, welders, fabricators, and electrical/mechanical assembly technicians deliver the entirety of a testing system from right here in Sussex, WI.

Recently, Power Test delivered ten (10) complete engine dyno testing systems to a large military installation that required multiple systems in use at any given time. The dynos included the 50X, 35X, and 45X giving the customer a complete range of horsepower, speed, and torque testing capabilities. In addition to the water brakes themselves, Power Test provided driveshaft guards, engine carts, DC Power Supplies, Cooling Columns, and data acquisition to make testing as easy as possible on these comprehensive systems.

Power Test’s in-house manufacturing allowed us to deliver these ten systems in a relatively small time frame.  Without relying on third-party suppliers, we were able to streamline production and some engineering innovations allowed us to utilize a more efficient production design to help us keep costs down. Power Test has spent years honing our on-site production process to encourage an environment of continuing improvement.

With our commitment to the manufacturing process, this customer can expect complete accountability from the Power Test team as each system was engineered, fabricated, and assembled at our headquarters in Sussex, WI. Coupled with the Power Test promise of quality service support, the military installation can expect that their systems will operate flawlessly for years to come.

In our 40+ year history, Power Test has taken pride in delivering industry leading quality to our customers and that is a direct result of our in-house manufacturing process.  Whether it be a water brake engine dyno, a transmission/hydraulic component test center, a chassis dyno, or a custom engineered test system, you can expect the high-quality manufacturing excellence that comes from a one-stop-shop. At Power Test We Make Your Testing Easy, from the first time you contact us throughout the life of your test system.