Why Choose a Chassis Dyno

In this webinar, learn all you need to know about the benefits, of which there are many, to owning your own chassis dyno from Power Test.

For the most part, people intuitively understand the benefits of owning a chassis. It makes sense to test your work before releasing it back to your customer.  But in their experience, chassis dynos are an expensive hassle that never seem to justify their costs. 25 years ago, this assessment may have been accurate. But with advancements in breaking technology, particularly with Power Test’s Eddy Current Chassis Dyno, these testing solutions are now more convenient and economical than ever.

Types of Chassis Dynamometers

Chassis dynos are comprised of a number of key components that make up the foundation of the machine. The first and most important is the absorption technology.  Commonly, water brakes are used as the primary absorption method in chassis dynos, but Power Test’s Eddy Current Chassis Dynamometers provide a clean, inexpensive, convenient alternatives. Whereas water brakes rely on a clean water source, are susceptible to flooding, and have long periods of downtime, the air-cooled eddy current brake is relatively hassle free. An inexpensive electrical connection is all you need to have an effective testing method at your fingertips whenever you need it.

The second most obvious components of a chassis dyno are the rollers. At Power Test we offer a lifetime warranty on our precision rolled 22’ concentric rolls, guaranteeing their quality forever.  Accompany this with our structural steel frames (also guaranteed for life) and our chassis dynos are built to provide durable dependable product performance for you and your customers.

How Do I Know if a Chassis Dyno Makes Business Sense?

Even if you’re confident that a Power Test Chassis Dyno is an effective piece of equipment, I imagine it’s still tough to justify the purchase from a business perspective. Based on conversations we’ve had with past customers and individuals in the industry, we’ve identified some key points that may make you reconsider your position.

  • Chassis Dynos eliminate liability and lost time from road testing.
    • NO CDL license required to test on a chassis dynamometer
    • No traffic jams to get stuck in and zero risk of traffic accidents
    • No drive time to get to areas where you can only partially test engine cooling and performances
    • Immediate ability to re-create performance complaint issue
    • Ability to fully replicate any MPH, RPM, or output load level while recreating a reported issue
    • No Time spend hooking up the trailer
  • Eliminates multiple staff deployed for road testing
    • Allows technicians more time to work billable hours in the shop
    • No second technician needed to read the OEM PC software
    • You don’t have to be on the road!
  • Proper and professional verification of repair
    • Proves that performed services have resolved the customer’s reported issues
    • Increased customer satisfaction with your service organization
    • Significant value add in providing professional reports
    • Instantaneous credibility and confidence in your repair
  • Reduction or elimination of come-backs
    • Reduced risk of warranty coverage
    • Simulates loaded conditions under inaccessible terrain
    • Increase of service volume from referrals
  • Incremental Shop Income
    • Additional performance issues can only be identified on the dyno
      1. These issues may not be found on a normal test drive
    • Former drive time is now replaced with additional billable repair time
      1. Increase in parts sales derived from increased repair time
    • The market allows you to charge for dynamometer testing services
  • Additional Business Benefits
    • Proves to your customers your dedication and ability to efficiently identify and resolve their equipment issues
    • Ability to test used trucks prior to accepting them in a trade
    • Dynamometer testing services for outside organizations, including your competition
    • Provides a direct benefit to used truck business
      1. Properly assess trade in values
      2. Tout it as a value add during the sale

These benefits may seem abstract, but at Power Test we’ve seen it in action more times than we can count. Contact us to go through our Cost Calculator, where we work through specific examples of your shop to prove to you that a Chassis Dyno is not a purchase, but an investment.