Making Money With Your SuperFlow Chassis Dyno

This return on investment workbook is designed to give you more than just numbers; it is designed to give you the information you need to make a SuperFlow chassis dyno a profitable tool for your business. Consider the ideas in this book a starting place to build a successful business plan around your new SuperFlow chassis dynamometer.

Many shop owners biggest fear in purchasing a dyno is the impact it may have on other parts of their business. If implemented correctly, a chassis dyno will enhance and stimulate other areas of the business. While the primary focus of this workbook is about generating revenue with your SuperFlow chassis dyno it is important to note that a SuperFlow dyno is a tool that can separate your company from others and in doing so generate income in a variety of ways. These include saving money, increasing shop credibility, eliminating come-backs, increasing part sales, attracting new customers, retaining existing customers and increasing individual purchase amounts with the ability to immediately quantify the improvements being made.

Experience in your Industry

We’ve taken our 40+ plus years of experience building accurate and repeatable dynamometers and combined it with great ideas shared with us by customers to generate a guide that will help you find opportunity to generate income with a SuperFlow chassis dyno. If you think an idea presented on the following pages will work for your shop, simply add that amount in the space provided. At the end of the workbook you’ll quickly see that the monthly payment is covered in only a few dyno sessions which leaves the rest of the month available to add money to your bottom line. Keep in mind a well utilized SuperFlow chassis dyno will pay for itself in 24 months or less.

The following pages offer several ideas on how to generate income with your SuperFlow dyno and how to estimate the return you’ll get from those activities. We recommend first calling your SuperFlow sales engineer at (262) 252-4301 to discuss your application and to get a price estimate on the particular model of SuperFlow chassis dyno that you need. This number will help you complete the worksheets on the following pages and get an accurate idea of just how much money a SuperFlow chassis dyno can generate for you each month.

Income Generation

There are many ways to utilize a SuperFlow chassis dyno in your business plan. The most common is the “dyno shop” where the dyno is used as a profit center to generate income by selling tuning expertise, bolt on parts and verifying the quality of your work.

Ideas to Generate Income with your Chassis Dyno

Below are some additional types of revenue streams that will generate income with your new dyno. Use these broad categories and the examples that follow to inspire new ideas to turn your SuperFlow chassis dynamometer into a profit center. When you encounter an idea that seems plausible for your circumstances, do the brief revenue calculation with your best estimates in mind. At the end of the document, you’ll see how quickly these small efforts add up to significant earnings for your business.

Increase Service Capabilities

Your chassis dyno is a tool like any other. It affords your shop capabilities that you wouldn’t otherwise have and gives you a leg up on your competition. Aside from charging from dyno time, you can upsell additional performance parts, showcase the efficacy of your services, and bundle routine services with dyno time to give your customers a better value than any competitor could offer. The opportunities to directly profit of your dyno are endless.

Rentals & Recurring Revenue

Have you paid for dyno time before? Chances are if you’re currently in the market for one, you have. If you’re at all worried about down-time with your dyno, consider others who might pay to use it. Renting your facilities or contracting on a weekly or monthly basis with local businesses can make you money at absolutely no cost to you.

Awareness & Publicity

To put it bluntly, owning your own chassis dyno is a status symbol. People view your shop and your capabilities differently when you have one of the premiere performance tools at your disposal. This alone won’t make you money, but leveraging this can draw attention to your shops revenue driving services and offerings. Consider the marketing that can be done with a chassis dyno and think of ways that you can bring people to your doorstep with the dyno as a center-piece.

*For 10 additional income generating opportunities, download the interactive PDF above. Once completed, contact your SuperFlow rep for details on how you can use this document to secure a loan for your new Chassis Dyno.