How to Back Up Your PowerNet Software

Over time, computers will fail. When they do, it always tends to be at the most inconvenient time. The last thing that you want to deal with when attempting to test your equipment is a bad hard drive or a fatal Windows error on the computer that you use to control the test. Not only does this cause significant down time but it commonly results in lost software configuration files and historical test data which complicates the repair process even more. The PowerNet software used on all Power Test & Aidco equipment has a built-in solution for these situations. With a simple routine procedure, you can be prepared for the inevitable computer problem.

The PowerNet software automatically makes routine backups. These backups store all critical software information including historical testing data, test templates, software configuration files, and custom calibrations. This information is compressed into a .cab file and stored in a folder named “Backups” which is located inside the Commander 2.0 folder (C:\Program Files PowerNet\Commander 2.0 or C:\Power Test\Commander 2.0). All you need to do is periodically make a copy of the most recent backup .cab file and put it onto the USB memory stick which was provided with the system. Power Test recommends that you make a copy of this file approximately once every three months. Having a current copy of this backup .cab will reduce down time and the stress of repairing or replacing the computer.

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